Today we send out a hearty "thank you" to all of our positioning friends who read and responded to Lorraine Kessler's excellent analysis of the best (and worst) Super Bowl TV commercials, and especially to all who commented and voted in our 2012 Super Bowl ad survey.

The survey was conducted among the thousands of readers of our PositionistView. We asked you to select your favorite 2012 Super Bowl ads as well as the one that would most likely make you want to purchase the advertised product or service.

Results showed respondents preferred the commercials produced for VW, Chevy Silverado and They were clearly the top picks in the 2012 Super Bowl ad survey.

Respondents to our 2012 Super Bowl ad survey selected VW's "The Dog Strikes Back" TV spot as their favorite. The VW ad was selected by 26.42 percent. Second favorite was Chevy Silverado's "Apocalypse," which pulled 19.23 percent of the votes.

The spot "Adriana Lima" was selected by 30.77 percent of respondents as the ad that would make them want to purchase the product or service. No clear runner-up was selected among those who made a selection on that question.

Voting reflects analysis

Our readers' judgment is consistent with Innis Maggiore Principal and Chief Strategist Lorraine Kessler's analysis published in yesterday's PositionistView. We expected a diverse reaction to the TV commercials -- and comments shared by readers certainly reflected diverse opinions -- but the survey results revealed voters were influenced by the three factors Lorraine described as critical in determining the quality of an advertisement: entertainment factor, likeability and effectiveness.bFor a statistical look at the results of our 2012 Super Bowl ad survey, please see the table published at the end of this article.

Lorraine's top five Super Bowl commercials were (1) Chevy Silverado: "Apocalypse," (2) Audi: "Vampire Party," (3) Chrysler: "It's Halftime in America," (4) VW: "The Dog Strikes Back" and (5) "Adriana Lima."

Comments and responses

A number of PositionistView readers shared opinions with Innis Maggiore, and Lorraine commented directly on a select few. Here is a sampling of the dialogue produced by our 2012 Super Bowl ad survey:

COMMENT: "I was sad to see that there was no mention of the 'Confidence' commercial, which finally reveals how 'confidence' sways our purchasing decisions. ... I have to admit, I couldn't initially remember who the ad was for (which is why it's probably not on your list)."

LORRAINE KESSLER's RESPONSE: "From a positioning perspective,'s 'Confidence' is a winner. The singing head, while good for gaining attention, seemed to interfere with the message. Might be why the ad didn't stick with me (or you) on the first go-round."

COMMENT (On the "Adriana Lima" ad): "As an extension of the old 'If I buy you dinner, you'll put out' cliché, this ad insulted women on a grand scale. While the target was men, I have to say, 'Really?' We haven't gotten past this stereotype?"

LORRAINE's RESPONSE: "I appreciate your point of view. It is shared, I am sure, by many for the reasons you mentioned." Click here to read Lorraine's full analysis.

And please do feel free to continue the dialogue with your comments. If there's anything that inspires us as much as practicing positioning, it's talking about positioning.