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Dick Maggiore

""Great advertising is hard. Surround yourself with thinkers, dreamers and doers. When the right strategic idea (position) strikes the right creative, it's electric. It has the power to transform human behavior. Unless your advertising is built on this big idea, it will pass like a ship in the night.""


The Tale of Two Conglomerates

In talks I deliver on the topic of positioning, I often make an offer that elicits a great response from the audience.


It's the Brands, Stupid.

It appears Sears shoppers can be members. Eddie Lampert, Sears Holdings' chairman and CEO, told us so in a letter attached to the company's recent results. The letter says his membership program is "continuing to gain traction with our members as members engage in all aspects of our program." Got it. Mind you, this is not a BJ's/Sam's Club membership model. Rather Sears' "member-focus" is really just a watered-down loyalty program.


Can Volvo be the Safe Luxury Car?

A little history first: Do you remember when Volvo was shaped like a tank and even drove like one? It was engineered tough and reliable. The controls on the dashboard were few. It was all about safety. Decision making throughout the organization was filtered first through the safety lens. Most certainly, the R&D department was charged with improving safety. Volvo was first with the use of laminated glass, it patented the modern three-point safety belt, developed the first rear-facing child seat, introduced the first side airbags, even developed a heartbeat sensor warning if someone was hiding inside the car and much, much more!


Social Media Communication: Social Is Anything But

It is said social media has changed communication. It hasn't.Communication is the same as it always has been. Message. Sender.Receiver. But social media's problem is...


Brand Meaning: Can a Brand Change Its Spots?

Famed Apple Stores leader and Silicon Valley wunderkind Ron Johnson thought so. He swept in as JC Penney's new CEO with celebratory bravado. He promised to change the stodgy brand meaning to a younger, hipper and more upscale image. Seventeen months later...


FedEx's Strategic Positioning Concept Absolutely, Positively Disrupted

FedEx founder Fred Smith wrote an economics paper while at Yale. The paper was about his idea to make an overnight delivery service more efficient by using the "hub and spokes" concept. His professor told him that it would never work and gave poor Fred a C. Fred was and is known for his persistence (and eventual strategic positioning of FedEx). He used the concept as the foundation for operations at his fledgling startup, but over the first several years, the company lost millions...


Show Dad a Little Dove®

This Father's Day, Dove® wants to sell more product. So, it has jumped gender and journeyed into product line extension land. Unilever, the parent company, wants to sell dad antiperspirant, deodorant and soap. Yes, Dove for dads -- brand androgyny. Give me a break! ...


Kodak -- Blindsided by the Digital Revolution

A decade ago, Interbrand ranked Kodak as the 16th most valuable brand in the world, worth $14.8 billion. Its stock traded as high as $94 and the company employed 145,300 people worldwide. Today, the company employs about 18,000 people while its share price skidded to about 50 cents, a steep 99 percent drop, with the NYSE threatening to kick it off the exchange. Not to mention a potential Kodak bankruptcy...


Is Mobile the Future of Position Marketing?

The merits of mobile strategies to enhance a brand's position marketing have come more into focus these days. In the United States, smartphone ownership is rising dramatically, driven mainly by ever-dropping prices and the promise of new 4G networks. By mid-2011, 49 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers will wield a web-enabled smartphone. In fact, 65 percent say mobile Internet is the most important feature when purchasing a new phone...


Xerox Stretches its Brand Positioning

The lead sentence in a recent Wall Street Journal article reads, "Xerox Corp. is launching its most expensive advertising campaign in two decades, as Chief Executive Ursula Burns looks to reposition the company as more than just a copier maker." It looks like Xerox is messing with its brand positioning once again...

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