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Jack Wollitz



Open, Sesame! Bert and Ernie Put Veggies On Kids' Wish List

It's easy to slide into cynicism, as the world tends to be a pretty heavy place sometimes.


Propel on Right Track Back to Being Cool for Those Who Like To Sweat

On a very hot day last summer while tracking Tiger Woods at Firestone Country Club, I thought for a moment about buying a bottle of water.


2012 Super Bowl Ad Survey Reveals Readers Liked Car, Truck and Flower Ads

Today we send out a hearty "thank you" to all of our positioning friends who read and responded to Lorraine Kessler's excellent analysis of the best (and worst) Super Bowl TV commercials, and especially to all who commented and voted in our 2012 Super Bowl ad survey...


Quality Isn't Good Enough to Differentiate Your Brand

If you are tempted to say "quality" helps differentiate your brand, think again. Do you know how many times I've heard people say "quality" is one of the distinguishing features of their company's product or service? Fact is, I really can't give you a number tallying the total. For 25 years, I've been listening to companies tick off the reasons customers should buy from them. Over the span of hundreds of get-to-know-you meetings and down-the-road strategy sessions, it is safe to say that "quality" topped more than 90 percent of the lists of brag points...


Good Things Happen with Right Positioning Strategy

Great creative may touch a nerve, bring a tear or generate laughter, but it is doomed to fail as effective advertising if it is not built on a solid positioning strategy. Throughout the history of advertising, creative minds have toiled to make products popular and services desirable. Many have succeeded. Most have failed. And failure is not reserved simply for those advertisements with clumsy creative...


Fish Or Cut Bait In Product Naming

Products come and products go. Whether the consumer gravitates to particular products has everything to do with positioning, the quality of the products' differentiation and the perceptions associated with them. Perceptions begin anywhere the consumer encounters the product. It might be a store shelf, an advertisement or word-of-mouth. More recently, of course, a consumer's first encounter with a product may be thanks to a Google search...


PR 2.0: Old Newshounds Learn New Tricks

The world of news releases and public relations is in the midst of a major transformation, the likes of which PR and journalism have never experienced. Change scares people. We like things the way they were yesterday, last year, a decade ago. Same goes for PR. But with change comes opportunity, and those of us in the vanguard of the PR business are deploying PR 2.0, a newfangled strategy that really isn't so new (or even "fangled") when one really analyzes it. That's because in PR, content is king. Was then. Is today. To be relevant (and thus influential) with your audience, your content must address a need. When your content is relevant, it is read. And when it is read, it causes a desirable reaction...


Messaging Strategy: The Cute v. Clever Debate

It's a messaging strategy debate that rages wherever writers write or designers design. It's an issue that can boil the polar ice caps - and the gap between the two sides can be as big as the thousands of miles between our North and South poles. It's the messaging strategy argument of cute v. clever...



Leadership through technology.

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Leading our community to improved health.

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Protecting us from the spread of germs.

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Tradition you can taste.

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Performance guided by values.

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Keeping the family on full.

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Custom Auto Body

Custom to the rescue!

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Live Life Uncottaged

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Leader in skin health and hygiene.

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Stark Community Foundation

Connecting people to the causes they care about.

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Baird Brothers

Old school hardwood. Modern accessibility.

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True Sicilian pasta sauce.

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Beese Fulmer

Stay rational. Invest long term.

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CSE Federal Credit Union

The Local Alternative

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Invented Pet Odor Control Technology

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Stark Library

Where everything is free®

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The Future of Waste Management

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Massillon Museum

Art & History Come Alive!

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Old Carolina

Authentic Carolina-style barbecue.

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Smoke The Burger Joint

Burgers smokin' with attitude.

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Baja West Coast Kitchen

Fresh food with a West Coast vibe.

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Going the extra smile.

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Republic Steel

Steel Republic Steel.

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Second Harvest

Serving the community.

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Trumbull Metro Housing Authority

Building a solid future for those in need.

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Fair Housing Law Center

Fighting for Equal Housing

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7 greatest brand positions excel in 3C test June 12, 2019

Brands that become great do so because their positions pass the 3C's test with straight A's.All great brands have clearly defined ideas that differentiate against competitors. That's the first C. Their ideas are highly m...

Deming’s gift to marketers: Test. Optimize. Repeat. May 30, 2019

William Edwards Deming is credited with launching the Total Quality Management movement that is the groundwork for our modern emphasis on efficient and effective manufacturing.Among his many accomplishments, Deming popul...

Repositioning Can Deliver The Advantage Your Business Needs May 15, 2019

We hear often about repositioning in the world of marketing, but the truth is relatively few people truly understand what it means.Repositioning is about adjusting perceptions that already exist in the mind about your br...

Nike Tagline: How to execute the perfect tagline May 06, 2019

Gary Gilmore was strapped to a chair on the morning of Jan. 17, 1977, wearing a T-shirt and a bag over his head. He was to become the first person in the United States to be executed in a decade.He murdered a motel manag...


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