Radio Ad Agencies: Still Riding the Airwaves of Today

The right radio ad agency connects the rational and the emotional aspect of your brand.

Radio advertising

Radio remains a prominent feature of contemporary daily life, filling the airwaves on your way to work, in stores, and in your home.

Radio was invented in the late 1800s, and by the 1940s, it had evolved into a prime source of pop-culture entertainment offering variety shows, dramas, comedies, and music way before the birth of television. Since then, radio remains a prominent feature of contemporary daily life, filling the airwaves on your way to work, in stores, and in your home.

What may come as a surprise to some is the sheer extent of radio’s reverberating presence even today. According to a 2019 audio report from Nielsen, radio reaches 94% of the population from ages 35-49 and 91% for ages 51 and older. In terms of users who are 18+, radio experiences a monthly U.S. reach of 244.5 million listeners. In comparison, Nielsen reported viewership for video sites, meaning sites like Netflix and YouTube, in the same age group as only 143.1 million consumers monthly. Even in groups like Generation-Z, radio still has an overwhelming presence in their daily lives. As a radio ad agency, Innis Maggiore understands that even with modern television and audio streaming, radio remains a trusted and present advertising platform.

Innis Maggiore, America’s #1 positioning ad agency, starts the process of building your strategy by positioning your brand with what differentiates it from the competition. By first establishing your position, the rest of the strategy falls into place. Positioning provides the most effective strategy in business because it distinguishes your brand’s identity against your competition. Based on this differentiation, Innis Maggiore can pinpoint the methods, like radio, that will best suit your positioning.

The benefits of radio to communicate your position

Showcasing your brand’s personality

One of the most powerful aspects of radio advertising is its ability to showcase your brand’s personality. Rather than print ads, radio advertising gives you a longer-form storytelling medium to declare your positioning directly to the audience, thereby instilling an idea and giving personality to your brand. If executed correctly, a good radio ad agency connects the rational and the emotional aspect of your brand.

Budget friendly

Though effective, good advertising campaigns can quickly become expensive. Radio advertising, on the other hand, allows radio ad agencies to provide more cost-effective solutions for clients who are looking for a broad reach like that of TV, but are working with a smaller budget. Radio ads, especially when you are utilizing experienced full-service radio ad agencies like Innis Maggiore, can be produced quickly and get you on the air in no time.


Another key factor of radio advertising comes from interactions with the radio station itself. When radio stations, and their personalities especially, show direct or indirect support for your brand, the listener feels more inclined to trust you. It works similarly to personal networking. When individuals share their car rides alongside the same radio hosts, they build a connection to them. This connection can become a holistic benefit to your brand when you employ radio advertising.


What may seem surprising to some is that radio has immense targetability in the marketplace. A listener’s radio selection is a very personal choice, meaning that people who tune into any given radio show have a high level of intentionality and will, subsequently, have higher awareness. When you pursue radio advertising, you have the ability to tailor where and when the best time is to play your ad in alignment with your positioning strategy, business objectives, and overall strategy.

Find the best style to suit your position

There are a variety of radio advertising styles which can carry your message.

  • Jingles could perhaps be considered the most classic form of radio advertising. Jingles directly cater to the central characteristic of radio: auditory entertainment. There’s nothing as lasting as a catchy jingle that still continues to surface in your mind years later. Now, that’s a powerful impression! 
  • Straight reads are exactly as they sound; a straight read. This style is the most traditional form of advertising, where an animated narrator delivers the essential information about your product and its uses.
  • Sponsorships entail you sponsoring some sort of event, initiative, or segment to gain traction with a very targeted advertising. With sponsorships, your business can become a common association with popular events and airtime segments.
  • Live reads are on-air advertisements read by the station’s radio personality. The benefit of this tactic is the listener’s inherent trust and familiarity with the host, whose voice most likely rings throughout his or her morning rides to work.
  • Testimonials give listeners some personal insight from other consumers about their experiences with your products. Testimonials have the ability to turn the narrative from a typical sales pitch into a form of friendly advice. Hearing from another consumer may convert a listener into a fellow consumer all through the art of storytelling.

Even with all these differing styles of radio ads, it can seem confusing with how to choose the right one. That’s why with the help of Innis Maggiore, an experienced radio ad agency, you can rest assured we’ll create a radio marketing strategy that mobilizes your positioning into action.

Let a radio ad agency give your position a voice

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