Magento Certified Developer Plus - Strong E-commerce Credentials

As America's #1 positioning ad agency, Innis Maggiore's Magento programmers reinforce the strong web expertise we offer our clients. Beginning with clients' most meaningful differentiating ideas, we dramatize these positions throughout all offline and online communication channels.

Understanding your position allows Innis Maggiore to effectively develop your e-commerce presence to become an extension of your sales force or as a stand-alone offering as an online-only retailer.

E-commerce is no longer a niche offering - most companies make an effort to sell their products and services online - so Innis Maggiore has made a significant investment in providing an industry-leading e-commerce solution to its clients. Programmers who are Magento Certified Developers are part of this important investment.

Magento Certified Developer Plus

Magento Certified Developer Plus

We've implemented e-commerce platforms selling tangible products - like tires in Latin America - and intangible products, such as real estate listings for sale by owner.

Magento is a widely adopted e-commerce platform used by well over 150,000 online retailers around the world. Owned by eBay, Magento is part of its X.Commerce initiative.

Magento, Inc. adjudicates the certification.

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Check out some of our award winning work, examples of B2C and B2B marketing made better by differentiating through brand positioning.


The Chinese word for “crisis” is frequently cited for its use of two Chinese characters signifying “danger” and “opportunity.

Fictional character Gordon Gekko uttered a famous line that is far from fictional in describing the worst of capitalism. “The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that greed . .

(As seen in Crain’s Cleveland Business. )
 Will more brands brave the political fray in 2020? For many years, advertisers were cautioned not to mix brands with politics.

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