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Brands must be smart about their social media content strategy

Brands must be smart about their social media content strategy

Businesses churn out more and more messages, but ‘engagement’ from customers isn’t keeping pace. There’s only so much an audience can absorb...


Social Media Communication Social Is Anything But

Social Media Communication: Social Is Anything But

It is said social media has changed communication. It hasn't.Communication is the same as it always has been. Message. Sender.Receiver. But social media's problem is...

Social Marketing ROI July 2011 Update

Social Marketing ROI: July 2011 Update

In 2011 New Media Trends, I covered the trends we're seeing with Facebook and its climb to a billion members. According to its statistics page, the social network is now at 750 million plus members. One billion should be achieved by the end of 2011. Despite this soon-arriving monumental milestone, measuring the use of social media -- social marketing ROI -- is still a sore subject for many marketing experts...

An Introduction to YouTube Optimization

An Introduction To YouTube Optimization

You might be surprised to learn that YouTube is the second-largest search engine. It's bigger than both Yahoo and Bing, and second only to Google. YouTube optimization, however, is something we must not forget...

When to Use Social Media Advertising

When To Use Social Media Advertising

Google "social media advertising" and you will get all sorts of opinions on whether advertising in social media makes sense. One blog entry says that now's the time to start before it gets too crowded, and another says it's past its prime. Another blogger hates the cost-per-impression model and another loves how social media advertising is so cheap. Certainly, it's confusing. But most other media would certainly receive similar reviews...

Joining the Social Media Conversation

Joining the Social Media Conversation

The most popular question we are asked on the topic of social media is how to join the conversation. When joining social media (the third level of participation), an organization intentionally commits to developing relevant content published on a regular basis. Content and constancy -- the two essential keys to joining the social media conversation...

Planning Your Participation in Social Media

Planning Your Participation in Social Media

In the first two installments on planning social media, Innis Maggiore provided perspective and specific categories and examples that define the social media space. As part of planning your level of participation in social media, you'll first need to consider media from the available landscape listed in the second installment...

Uncovering the Social Media Landscape

Uncovering the Social Media Landscape

In the first installment on social media planning, Innis Maggiore suggested that you always insist on a media plan regardless of the media. Social media is simply a subset of all available (traditional and new) media. Avoid the newness hype and be wise. Any tactics used should be carefully planned and executed. Part two of this series will help you navigate the social media landscape...

Making Sense of Social Media Planning

Making Sense Of Social Media Planning

Innis Maggiore is often asked how we go about social media planning. Clients want to know what can be done in the social community space to create competitive advantage. With failure after failure of big corporations trying to "do social media," one reminder is clear: don't try to be what you aren't. Wal-Mart is low price, not a social community. Coke is the original beverage, not a social community. Like so many other companies and products, they've both failed and continue to fail miserably in their social media planning...