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Statistics help inform decisions every day, so being able to interpret them and turn them into strategies is a requirement in business.

Statistics are unavoidable in our day-to-day lives. Watching the news, talking sports, conducting business – even if we might not consciously think about it, they all center around statistics. Although they just look like numbers and figures, decimal points and percentage signs, they help inform decisions every day, so being able to interpret them and turn them into strategies is a requirement in business. Looking to conduct a statistical analysis and don’t know where to start? Or just finishing a study and don’t know what to do with all that raw data? Then it may be time to find a company to conduct statistical quantitative studies for you.

At Innis Maggiore, the nation’s leading positioning ad agency, we work alongside our clients and utilize all forms of statistics to help form a plan of attack based on whatever your goal might be. Whether you want to test the effectiveness of a potential ad campaign or gauge the reception of new or existing products, we can help every step of the way.

Statistics might not be the most attractive topic, but they’re the key to effective business. Want to harness the power of solid, unwavering statistics? Innis Maggiore is the best choice of company to conduct statistical quantitative studies, and the success of our clients in statistic-heavy industries speaks highly to that.

From Conducting to Analyzing, We Do it All

Statistical quantitative studies cover a wide array of methods, each providing its own unique data for you to use.

Depending on factors such as your budget, your project timeline, preexisting data on the subject, and most importantly, your research goal, different study methods will fit better with your company and your project. Among the most common methods are:

  • Surveys are the most common type of quantitative study that allows for a high degree of flexibility in its formatting – in-person, by email, over the phone, on your website, and just about any other way you can communicate with customers. This method allows you to collect data from a large population without having to personalize questions between participants, meaning that once the survey is created, all that’s left to do is send it and start collecting the data.
  • Observational Studies are exactly what they sound like – observing a sample group, be it animals, people, or even plant life in some studies, and collecting data without manipulating variables. As a mostly unobtrusive study, it does not require as much setup as other study methods might, making it a cost-effective method for data collection.
  • Longitudinal Studies are very similar to observational studies, except they take place over a much longer period of time. Typically used to study changes in behavior over a certain length of time, they require more setup than observational studies, but if time is not a constraining factor, then they can provide rich data.
  • Cross-Sectional Studies cover a wide range of data from a single point in time. These are mostly used to draw comparisons between different groups or populations, preferring to measure changes on a societal scale rather than a personal scale.
  • Meta-Analysis doesn’t involve conducting its own study but rather analyzes data from multiple existing studies to draw generalized conclusions and formulate patterns without the planning or the cost of creating and conducting your own study.

We help our clients pinpoint which methods best match their needs, but of course, our work doesn’t stop there. When you’re looking for a company to conduct statistical quantitative studies, Innis Maggiore is a great option.

If statistics is your map, think of Innis Maggiore as your cartographer – we’ve charted these seas, and we’re here to guide you through them and get you where you want to go. By practicing effective data collection and analysis, we can identify trends and patterns within data and turn that into actionable information for your company.

It Starts with the Appreciative Discovery®

Our Appreciative Discovery® process is designed to find and focus your organization on its most meaningful and differentiated competitive idea.

To do that, there is the potential need for statistical quantitative studies. Using one or a combination of the above methodologies, we can marry this research into the Appreciative Discovery® process. While that adds time and investment to the process and may delay your campaign launch, sometimes research is the right step to verify your decisions. We can add a study at the front-end and/or back-end of the engagement.

Statistics Might Lie

Any study you conduct working with people always has the possibility of error, intentional or accidental.

If someone misconstrues your words, doesn’t understand a question, or just makes something up, it could ripple through your data and affect your outcomes. Statistical quantitative studies don’t have that problem. By analyzing data, the margin of error is reduced to almost non-existent levels, which is just one of the benefits of statistical analysis.

Statistical analysis allows for an objective view of data, free of bias or altering perspectives that could come through in subjective observations or in-person studies. The ability to view this data objectively allows us to make predictions and draw conclusions with better accuracy, which also helps us when identifying trends and patterns. With variable-based studies, we can better understand the cause-and-effect relationships between the factors surrounding your customers, your products, or your company, and additionally allows us to draw comparisons between different groups or populations. By gaining a deeper understanding of your customer base, we gain a basis for stronger decision-making in your marketing or policies.

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A Premier Company to Conduct Statistical Quantitative Studies. An objective view of the facts within your company and your studies provides opportunities for efficiency like none other. Are you ready to turn your statistics into strategies for your company and your marketing? Reach out to Innis Maggiore today.

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