Car, Truck, Flower Ads Top Innis Maggiore 2012 Super Bowl Ad Survey

CANTON, Ohio (Feb. 7, 2012) -- A survey of readers of Innis Maggiore's PositionistView digital newsletter rated TV commercials for VW, Chevy Silverado and as their top picks in the 2012 Super Bowl ad Survey.

Innis Maggiore, the nation's leading advertising agency in the practice of positioning, asked readers of the Feb. 6 edition of PositionistView to select their favorite 2012 Super Bowl ads as well as the one that would most likely make them want to purchase the advertised product or service.

Respondents to the 2012 Super Bowl ad survey selected VW's "The Dog Strikes Back" TV spot as their favorite. The VW ad was selected by 26.42 percent. Second favorite was Chevy Silverado's "Apocalypse," which pulled 19.23 percent of the votes.

The spot "Adriana Lima" was selected by 30.77 percent of respondents as the ad that would make them want to purchase the product or service. No clear runner-up was selected among those who made a selection on that question.

"Our PositionistView readers' judgment is consistent with the analysis we published in conjunction with the 2012 Super Bowl ad survey," said Lorraine Kessler, Innis Maggiore's principal client services and positioning strategist. "Among the thousands of readers of our newsletter, one might expect a diverse reaction to the TV commercials, but it would seem that those who voted are similarly influenced by the three factors that we believe are critical in determining the quality of an advertisement: entertainment factor, likeability and effectiveness."

Kessler's top five Super Bowl commercials were (1) Chevy Silverado: "Apocalypse," (2) Audi: "Vampire Party," (3) Chrysler: "It's Halftime in America," (4) VW: "The Dog Strikes Back" and (5) "Adriana Lima."

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