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Amazon and Whole Foods: What will grocers do?

Amazon has become the “everything for everybody” retailer, which in positioning parlance means it’s the opposite of the focused specialists. Amazon and Whole Foods getting together solidifies this. Back in the early days, Amazon’s positioning statement read: “For World Wide Web users who enjoy books, Amazon.

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Know Thy Category: A key in marketing communication strategy

It starts with the category. That’s the way our brains work. We think category first, then brand. A very contagious disease is spreading rapidly across the globe: infobesity. It’s an epidemic we’ve discussed previously. If information were calories, we’d all be obese. Infobesity has affected the human attention span.

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Growth Strategy: Grow your company by growing your reach

Marketers have heard for generations that 80 percent of our business comes from 20 percent of our customers, but a strong case can be made that this generalization doesn’t much apply anymore — if it ever did. Pareto PrincipleYou might have heard of the Pareto Principle.

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PR and Digital Marketing: PR’s storytelling heritage helps boost brands’ online traction

A few short years ago, not many would have connected public relations folks with the digital revolution. But a funny thing happened along the way. PR and digital marketing got hitched. In the late 1990s, the so-called digital revolution gained a toehold as web development boomed.

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Every business should be building an economic moat

When investing in a company, Warren Buffett looks for those who are building an “economic moat. ”

The term is apt. Just as a watery moat protects a castle, building an economic moat is the protection a business gains by virtue of its competitive advantages.

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Artificial intelligence and marketing, the next big thing

Few would argue the impact of the wheel, the printing press, steam and gasoline engines, the telephone, electricity and the light bulb, nuclear power, the airplane, penicillin, the computer and the internet. Major inventions have shaped human development and powered society, culture and civilization.

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What’s a brand anyway? The basics of brand positioning

Dunkin’ Donuts is planning to change its name to Dunkin’. The move is the latest example of corporate repositioning to make news that mainstream media will report. It's a brand positioning case study.

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Merging Data and Creative: Path to head goes through heart

Like scientists, many business folks have a deep-rooted belief that if they have all the information — all the data — they’ll be able to come up with the precise solution. We want to believe things don’t happen by chance.

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Business Growth: When is ‘too big’ too big?

Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft are in a five-horse race to dominate global business. Does it feel like we’re getting close to something big, dramatic or maybe even bubble-bursting?

Things seem to be changing at a faster pace. Business growth is at an all-time high.

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Brand Reinvention: Reinvent or die

What do you do when even a good coat of polish doesn’t make your shoes shine anymore?

It might be time to buy a new pair of shoes. Whether we are talking shoes or business, how we handle disruptive threats makes all the difference in the world.

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