The Brand-Building of TV Intersects the Trackability of Digital

The right connected TV ad agency merges new tech with strategic messaging.

Connected TV Ad Agency - How to  Find the Right One

Connected TV is the consumption of television via the internet.

Your positioning strategy determines whether your connected TV advertising campaign will pay off or not.

Tapping into one of the newest advances in advertising tech is a great call. But how do you know if the connected TV ad agency you hire will get you the best results?

Connected TV is the consumption of television via the internet through a TV set (through sets that connect directly, aka “smart TVs,” or through a streaming device such as Apple TV or Roku). It is a subset of over-the-top TV (or OTT), which is television consumption via the internet in any means, by any device.

So what? Why do you care?

Only because the move from traditional TV to OTT is one of the most significant changes in modern media history. We’re in the middle of a massive shift in how people consume entertainment, and it presents marketers and advertisers with a wealth of possibilities. But more on that later.

Ultimately, connected TV is another tool, albeit a highly valuable one, in the marketer’s toolbox. Like every other tool, the key to its successful use is strategy. How do you create messaging that stands out and grabs attention when your prospect is in the middle of viewing entertainment?

While you need to adjust the format of your message from one media to the next, the messaging should remain focused on communicating your brand position in the market — something that Innis Maggiore has specialized in for nearly 50 years.

The right connected TV ad agency positions you for success.

Innis Maggiore is America’s #1 Positioning Ad Agency.

We specialize in differentiating brands in the marketplace. Our process begins with strategy—we seek to answer the question “what single idea does your brand stand for in the mind of your prospect?” Next, we dramatize that brand position—we develop the creative expressions that communicate that single idea, uniquely.

Correct positioning sets your brand apart in all communication channels, as it gives your prospects a reason to choose you over your competitors. But we’re especially excited about the possibilities with connected TV. Why? Because connected TV uniquely blends the trackability and targeting capabilities of digital advertising with the branding value of traditional TV.

As the only connected TV ad agency that exclusively develops creative based on your brand position, these capabilities offer us unlimited flexibility to get real results for you. We can push your message into the market in a format that has traditionally created the best emotional connection with consumers, while being able to test and tweak performance almost immediately.

Connected TV offers a valuable, yet affordable, way to take your brand position into the real world. If that interests you, you should get in touch.

The benefits of working with a connected TV ad agency

Connected TV (done right, with a positioning foundation) has a range of benefits.

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Unlike linear TV, connected TV offers nearly unlimited targeting capabilities. You can build out custom audiences based on demographic, firmographic and psychographic data points. You can create lookalike audiences to target those who look just like your most valuable customers. Or you can target first-party audiences who have visited your website or bought from you in the past.

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Those who watch connected TV are more engaged with TV advertising than those who watch traditional linear TV. Respondents to studies stated that they felt watching ads was a fair exchange of value for free or low-cost access to TV. They also rated ads within connected TV as being “less annoying” than those in linear TV.

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If Gen Z and Millennials fit into your target demographics, then connected TV is where they are at. 67% of surveyed individuals under the age of 50 are more likely to be in a connected TV-only house, and 25% say they don’t even pay for their entertainment, meaning their viewing is through advertising-supported options only.

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Instead of buying media outlets (such as a particular TV channel), you buy based on where your specific audience is. This is a far more efficient way of buying advertising: you only pay for the views you want.

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Incredibly, you can serve one ad to one household and an entirely different ad to the neighboring household. The ability to achieve the level of customizability found in digital programmatic advertising at the same time as the level of scale found in TV is a tremendous breakthrough in media purchasing.

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Because other programmatic channels are also connected (audio, display, apps, etc.), every screen can be targeted, and retargeted. This is particularly powerful, as some studies have shown that over 70% of adults browse their phones or tablets while watching TV. This gives you the opportunity to hit them once during their programming and again on their handheld device, where they can directly click through to your website.

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Connected TV offers the same level of trackability as any other form of programmatic advertising, meaning you can test different creative and messaging and gain immediate feedback on what is working and what isn’t. Unlike linear TV, this means you can attach every dollar you spend to precise results.

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TV is the ultimate branding platform. It allows you to form an emotional connection with prospects in a way that few other media can accomplish. It is ideal for communicating your brand position in a visual way. Now, that same level of branding value has been brought into the programmatic space.

Leverage a leading connected TV ad agency to get results today

Connected TV promises a perfect storm of tracking, targeting and branding capabilities. Innis Maggiore can help you maximize the value of your connected TV campaign, from initial positioning development through to final execution and tracking. Reach out today to see how we can help you get the results you’re looking for.

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