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What proprietary processes do you own that might benefit from custom software development?

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Innis Maggiore has been developing custom software for over a quarter century.

As the nation’s leading positioning ad agency, our clients rely on us to help them differentiate their advertising and public relations. But what does that have to do with custom software development? A lot, in fact.

Did you know that one of the greatest expressions of your differentiated brand in the marketplace could be in the form of software? Many brands you know (and love?) were founded strictly on their abilities to differentiate on the basis of the software you use to interact with them: Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, Breeze Airways, and many more.

Innis Maggiore has been developing custom software for over a quarter century. One of its first forays into custom software development was with Bank of America, providing one of the world’s first SaaS platforms to help our client manage its direct marketing program. Estimates indicate that well over 100 million pieces of mail were managed through the platform we developed for them, which, by the way, was prototyped and working within six months after the engagement, when two other large global enterprises were unable to produce a working model.

You might wonder what process or brand expression you would consider for your business, and if you’re coming up empty, contact Innis Maggiore. We convinced a local sawmill it could sell anything from a dowel rod to a 16’ piece of molding on the internet back in 2006 when shipping such products seemed impossible. Almost 20 years later, their online store is booming and is credited with saving their company from certain bankruptcy during the depression of 2008-09.

Consider some processes in your organization: workflows, inventory management, accounting, product development, e-commerce, or other business processes. Do you do anything special that would benefit from custom software development? If not processes, what about a differentiated feature of your brand such as a product configurator (this is especially popular in building products or home goods), a complex calculator, or a proprietary means for rating or evaluating a product or service?

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If you are unclear as to what process or other expression of your brand you could capture within a web application or a mobile application, contact Innis Maggiore. We start with our Appreciative Discovery® client-agency session to determine your position in the marketplace. Based on your company, product, or service position, we can typically review your internal and external interactions and determine if a custom software solution is the appropriate expression of your brand. No one needs another app for the sake of an app. But when it sets you apart against the competition, there’s not much that can stand in your way.

Information Architecture

No, this isn’t designing your building. But it’s very similar in function. Before you dive into custom software development, it’s critical that you architect the application. This allows the teams involved to determine the investment and schedule and to validate its purpose. You wouldn’t build a building without a blueprint. You shouldn’t develop custom software without a blueprint, either.

Software Design

Once the information architecture has set the course and you’ve established a proof of concept, the user interface (UI) is the next step. Many custom software developers fail in this regard because they don’t have an application graphic designer who plays one of the most crucial roles in the process. Without the right aesthetics and user interface, many great software applications have failed. It takes a skilled designer to understand the responsive nature of today’s interfaces, from large-screen game monitors to the smallest of handheld mobile devices. Don’t skip this critical step. Innis Maggiore prides itself in having dedicated application graphic designers and art directors on staff to ensure the UI and UX (user experience) are optimal.

Testing and Deployment

As you near the finish line, user testing is mandatory. Deploying without banging on the custom software is like hauling a car off the production line and forgetting to put the engine in it. User testing is critical to avoid bugs that could devastate a software launch. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and this couldn’t be more true than in custom software development. Our staff knows how to “bang” on your application and perform various types of testing.

API Development

In the world of IoT (internet of things) and integration, if you have an application(s) that could benefit from data swapping or similar hookups, our team is able to develop well-documented and easy-to-consume APIs that other third-party applications might need. You might wonder what this means, but realize that the majority of successful applications built today have a reliable API. Think of it like your new car that integrates with Apple CarPlay. You just want things to work with it. That’s what our custom software developers are able to create.

System Integrations and Learnings

Similar to API development, Innis Maggiore’s custom software development engineers adopt new technologies and processes to stay on top of technology. We like to say we’re between leading edge and bleeding edge, and depending on your penchant for risk, we’re happy to stay right where you feel comfortable taking your custom software development.

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Dramatize your position in the marketplace with custom software development.

It might seem intimidating, and custom software development can be. But speak to any one of our clients who have gone through the process, and they will tell you that Innis Maggiore made it far easier than they could have imagined. Why? Because we understand that your software is an expression of your brand, not just lines of code. We’re seeking the differentiation that your software will credential, so it has to work, and it has to work well. Otherwise, we wouldn’t even take you there.

If you’re still not feeling confident, give us a call.

We will talk through it with no obligation or cost, and you can get comfortable with our team and the vision we have for how your custom software development could come to life. Contact Innis Maggiore today!

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