Customer Behavior Modeling Firm

Predictive results with a customer behavior modeling firm.

Customer Behavior Modeling Firm

Innis Maggiore can help you understand your future markets better, with customer behavior modeling.

See the future of your marketing with customer behavior modeling. Any discussion of the future eventually comes around to one question: would you even want to know what the future holds? Future loves, future losses, future triumphs, future lows. What steps could be taken to avoid that future? Would that only ensure the future? Entire philosophies, religions, and fields of science are built around the human desire to know the future, and there’s no sign that that longing will cease. That’s why consumer behavior modeling firms like Innis Maggiore exist.

You might think the future is hypothetical, but it doesn’t have to be, at least not when it comes to your company. You can operate a company based around what your customers want or need in the here and now, but what about tomorrow? Next month? Next year? Things might be fine now, but if those customer needs or trends shift and change trajectories, suddenly you’re scrambling to keep up with a new market. No company should have to operate with such volatile uncertainty. If you want to get rid of the hoping and guessing when it comes to your market, it’s time to harness the power of a customer behavior modeling firm — and see the future of your customers.

At Innis Maggiore, the nation’s leading positioning ad agency, we’re all about staying ahead of the competition, and that means staying ahead of the trends in the market. By creating and implementing a customer behavior modeling system, first-party data is collected and cultivated into demographics and psychographics to give a complete view of your customer. From there, we can help you establish the groundwork for your position. While any agency can run customer information through a customer modeling system, all that does is give an image of the customer. Combining that customer model with the foresight of positioning allows you to not only see the direction in which customer trends are moving, but also offers actionability on those trends. Positioning is about differentiation from the competition, but that difference has to maximize relevance to the customer. If it doesn’t, you have a meaningless difference. So understanding — and predicting — consumer behavior is critical to finding and focusing on your most differentiated product, service, or company idea.

Customer behavior modeling is a continuous process.

They say that the best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago, but the second best time is right now.

It’s the same with customer modeling. Customer modeling works by gathering first-party data from every interaction your customers have with your money and organizing that data into a profile, demographics, psychographics, and firmographics. Customer modeling serves to better answer the question of who your customer base is: age, gender, race, anything to further narrow down and specify who it is that’s buying your product.

The longer you implement and practice customer modeling, the longer you must collect first-party data from customers and the more focused of an image you can create of your customer. In fact, the time you spend deciding whether or not to utilize the power of customer behavior modeling is time that your customer modeling system could have spent further cultivating your customer profile.

A more precise customer profile can then be used to better predict where the wants and needs of the customers lie and inform you of where they might go. You don’t want to launch a new product, service, campaign, or any other public announcement just for the customer market to pivot their needs toward something else. By allowing your customer profile to grow and seeing the trends in the market, you can stay ahead of the curve and perhaps increase your reach through your target market or even new audiences.

Having a customer behavior model is one thing — using it right is another.

At its core, a customer model is nothing but a method to categorize your customers into a collection of demographics, psychographics, and market segments.

It doesn’t mean a whole lot of anything, and it doesn’t take a complex customer modeling system to be able to create those demographics, psychographics, and firmographics. But once you have those categories and a reliable customer model, then what?

If customer behavior modeling is a map, then Innis Maggiore is your cartographer. While utilizing a customer modeling system creates a complete and all-encompassing model of your customer base, we work alongside our clients to help create a trajectory of customer trends based on that model. In other words, while having the map is crucial, you need someone or something to be able to read it.

Not only do we read this model, but we also research into why the data is the way it is. Why are your demographics what they are? From this question, we can more easily find what it is about your company that differentiates you from your competition. What do your customers see in you that they don’t see in anyone else, and how can your company further push into that market? That is what finding your position is all about.

See into the future.

Start seeing into the future. Harness the ability of clairvoyance with one of the region’s leading customer behavior modeling firms.

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