Data Visualization Services

Give your data a bridge between interesting and informative.

Data Visualization Services

Innis Maggiore can help you see your data in a format that is easy to understand.

Whether you're paying attention or not, statistics and data are a part of everyday life: watching the evening news or having dinner conversations, everything is predicated upon conveying data and information as neatly and concisely as possible. Even in something as entertaining and athletics-based as sports is built upon statistics and data visualization services - just ask Billy Beane and the Oakland Athletics.

Despite statistics and data visualization being so prominent, nobody enjoys reading over rough numbers and spreadsheets to learn information. Would you watch television or follow your favorite sports team if all it consisted of was hours of raw data and statistics being sent your way? Of course not - but that's exactly what's happening. In fact, these modems of entertainment are so good at conveying information in an entertaining and succinct manner through data visualization services, you probably didn't even notice. Why should your company be any different?

At Innis Maggiore, the nation's leading positioning ad agency, things are no different. No marketing agency would ever want to lead off with a glob of data, statistics, and technical business jargon. What could you ever expect to sell with that? When we offer our data visualization services, we take and compile that information and break it down into an easily understandable format to help our clients figure out what the best next step is for their company.

Data visualization services — a multi-faceted tool.

Make meaning … make money!

Data visualization consists of analyzing clusters of data, statistics, spreadsheets, and whatever other information you have and organizing and compiling it into meaningful, VISUALLY understandable, charts, graphics, infographics, and more. Depending on what kinds of information we’re taking in and analyzing, our data visualization services may take many forms: pie graphs to scatter plots, bar graphs to flow charts. Whichever format makes the understanding of your marketing and sales data easiest and clearest, that’s the format we choose. More importantly, we provide the insights and recommendations that fall out of that data.

Accentuating — not replacing.

An outside perspective might be all you need.

When you spend too much time looking at a problem, it can start to seem insurmountable. Or maybe you just don’t even know what the problem is, you just know that something needs to change. By analyzing and visualizing your data, we can begin to break that insurmountable or illusive problem down into identifiable, tangible trends and patterns. Once your problem is properly contextualized through analyzing data, we can begin to answer the question: what is the problem that your company is actually up against?

Idea generation.

What’s the big idea?

Do you properly understand the problem your company faces, but need to know how to approach it? Don’t have any ideas on how to reach your market? Feel like you’re missing out on a piece of the market, but don’t know where? Through our data visualization services, we can discover and properly convey where the cracks in the market are – and more importantly, the cracks your competition has left in the market. By analyzing and visualizing information and exploiting gaps in the market that you can fill, we can help you find opportunities to grow. Sometimes those cracks could be filled by a new product, or sometimes discover potential for a complete market shift – but whatever it is, generating ideas for products or services to meet those unmet needs is the first step.

Illustrative ideation.

Solving problems and bringing ideas to market.

Sometimes you already have a good idea, or maybe you’re in the brainstorming process and you want to test the validity of your idea. Even if an idea is good, it won’t mean anything if it doesn’t hit your target audience. By compiling your first-party data and customer information into a thorough and readable format, you can begin to better illustrate and flesh out whatever idea and concepts you have and measure how they might stand against your target audience.

Combatting the pitfalls of data visualization.

Let’s face it – data visualization isn’t exactly the hottest topic.

In trying to breathe a regenerative life into data visualization, sometimes you can go too far in the opposite direction. If your data presentation is too focused on the “presentation” portion and not focused enough on the “data” portion, then your data visualization isn’t much more useful than the raw data with which you started.

Other stumbling blocks of data visualization, such as internal bias and finding clarity between correlation and causation, can arise while compiling and visualizing data. While Innis Maggiore is invested in your company, your customers, and your success, we are ultimately an independent data visualization agency. With this comes the ability to provide our data visualization services without bias toward or against our clients and their challenges.

Innis Maggiore is dedicated to being honest and truthful with the data that we collect or receive. We give our clients complete transparency into our process.

Remove the white noise from your data.

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