Employee relations consultants help drive your position … from the inside out

You’ll reap rewards if your employees understand what makes your products stand apart.

Employee Relations Consultants

Drive your difference into the minds of your team members so they can live and breathe your position in everything they do.

So much time and effort are involved in finding your company’s position. Truly defining what makes your brand unique in your marketplace is a strategic process that takes a great deal of effort.

Most of the time, that work is done with the C-suite, sales team, and marketing group. Rarely, are frontline employees involved in the planning and execution of positioning strategy, where they’d have an opportunity to hear the reasoning and explanation of how your brand’s position was developed and why it was chosen.

Finding employee relations consultants who are focused on positioning strategy can help drive your difference into the minds of your team members, so they can live and breathe your position in everything they do.

It’s wise to develop an internal marketing campaign before ever deploying it to the marketplace. Having full internal adoption goes a long way toward making your external campaign that much more effective.

Relating to the front line

Employee relations consultants can help your frontline employees comprehend how your position translates into their job responsibilities.

Rather than just a trite marketing slogan, your new position can be embedded within the personality of your organization, and it can change the way your employees perform their jobs every day.

But it’s not a simple process.

From internal meetings to e-newsletters and from employee annual reports to internal rewards programs, the employee relations consultants at Innis Maggiore will work with you to determine the appropriate tactical approach to execute your internal marketing campaign.

Sometimes the communication is face-to-face, sometimes it’s print, and sometimes it’s digital. But all employee relations materials need to be consistent in messaging and must drive home your company’s unique difference. All along, the communications will help boost customer service, productivity, morale, and your bottom line.

Becoming immersed in your business

Innis Maggiore has been focused on internal communications since 1974, and we’ve got the experience and expertise to make sure your position is driven forward … from the inside out.

Our team members often become an extension of our clients’ workforces by participating in internal meetings, joining employee teams, interviewing employees, and gaging their attitudes and opinions. We know the direction, and we serve as the guide for concise communications.

Your employee relations consultants should possess this same commitment to becoming fully immersed in your business and in sync with your workforce. These are but a couple examples:

  • Where the rubber hits the road
    An international leader in the tire industry needed employees to jump on board with a new business growth initiative of becoming #1 in Latin America. Step one was to help employees understand how decisions they made every day played a key role. A presentation, employee meetings, an educational game, and digital communications did the trick. Our internal communications program kickstarted the achievement of our client’s growth objective.

  • Making a real difference in the community
    A regional affiliate of Feeding America had an issue with employees’ commitment to the cause. Team members had forgotten the important role they play in making sure those less fortunate in the community receive much-needed nourishment. Our employee communications program amplified this message, and the team went on to shatter food distribution performance — and the number of hungry people fed — the following year. Everyone, inside and out, knew the organization was the leading food provider in the region.

Well positioned for success

The employee relations consultants at Innis Maggiore practice what we preach.

From daily staff meetings and huddles to a weekly newsletter and monthly Lunch n Learns to quarterly all-associate retreats to an open-door policy, employee communication plays a key role in our success. In fact, it’s positioned us to become — and remain — the nation’s leading agency in the practice of positioning.

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Understanding how Innis Maggiore can move the needle as your employee relations consultants is the first step in your journey. If you’re interested in learning how we can help, call us or contact us online. After all, positioning is our position™ (and we’re one of very few employee relations consultants in the region).

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