An inbound telemarketing firm to impact the entire sales funnel

Innis Maggiore can supercharge your telemarketing efforts.

Inbound Telemarketing Firm

Inbound telemarketing services can help build better customer relationships and improve sales.

Whether a part of consumer direct marketing or a B2B prospecting tool, telemarketing can bring a personal touch to an increasingly impersonal process. Telemarketing continues to present advantages that social media platforms do not. There are consumers and B2B customers who still prefer a personal phone conversation with an agent over an impersonal and passive social network. As a leading inbound telemarketing firm, Innis Maggiore uses telemarketing as a direct selling method that helps clients gain sales and build better customer relationships.

This is more important than many marketers might think, as companies are experiencing difficulties in qualifying leads and ultimately acquiring customers. Forbes reports that 25% underperform in conversions to generate sales meetings and marketing-sourced revenue — representing improvement needed at the middle and the bottom of the sales funnel.

What makes Innis Maggiore a better choice for your inbound telemarketing firm?

B2B telemarketing is considered an effective way to generate leads, build relationships with prospective customers, and create new business.

Innis Maggiore has been a leading inbound telemarketing firm by engaging business prospects (as well as direct marketing consumers) throughout their paths to making a decision/choice, from awareness to consideration to conversion.

We understand that it’s essential to build a meaningful connection with customers and consumers when planning and implementing outbound and inbound telemarketing programs. Increasingly, account-based marketing (ABM) helps to individually target and focus interactions that are relevant to a particular account. This plays to two B2B telemarketing trends outlined by LinkedIn, an increased need for personalization and a greater emphasis on insightful messaging to solve their specific pain points. Innis Maggiore accomplishes both through proven data analysis skills along with a deep understanding of the businesses being targeted.

Of course, today’s telemarking reaches beyond the (perhaps too often stereotyped) telephonic method into a variety of other channels such as email, social, and SMS. Because Innis Maggiore is not only an inbound marketing firm and outbound marketing firm but also a full-service marketing agency, we can supply all forms of telemarketing seamlessly and consistently from one expert source. Best yet, since we are America’s #1 Positioning Ad Agency, Innis Maggiore only creates marketing that’s based around your #1 differentiating factor — your brand’s position in the marketplace. Too many inbound marketing firms and outbound marketing companies are tactical in nature, fulfilling the function within a range of adequacy but without the defining focus that creates a true connection with prospective customers and consumers.

It only makes sense. Why waste money funding tactic after tactic with random message after random message when your consumer or B2B marketing can focus on one brand message to cut through the tremendous amount of marketing clutter that exists today?

Only brand positioning makes that possible, because brand positioning is made to create clear, distinct differences between this product and that product, this service vs. that service. Differentiation creates the differences that help people make decisions, and Innis Maggiore is all about differentiation as delineated by your brand position.

Inbound vs. outbound telemarketing: What’s the difference?

No matter which you need, Innis Maggiore is a leading inbound telemarketing firm and outbound marketing agency.

Innis Maggiore stands out from the typical telemarketing agencies, with decades of experience differentiating our clients based on a solid foundation of brand positioning. As the nation’s leading positioning ad agency, we offer you the benefits of outbound and inbound telemarketing to personalize sales inquiries while positioning your business as one with an exceptional customer sales experience.

Then, how you gain interest is all in how much you know your customer and consumer behaviors. Telemarketing is a way to get personal with your customer sales in the form of a direct voice-to-voice connection that allows an actual discussion about the product or service that’s being offered. Telemarketing is also a real-time, personalized experience that appeals to those who prefer to ask questions to a real person rather than an online chatbot.

Inbound telemarketing creates and advances relationships

Unlike the more known outbound telemarketing process in which agents engage customers to make a sale, an expert inbound marketing firm like Innis Maggiore enables the customer to contact the company that’s selling the product when it best suits them. Think of that one advertisement you witnessed that motivated you to contact the offering company. What made you (the prospect) believe the product or service was speaking to you personally? What made you act on the product, service, or offer?

As an inbound marketing firm, we envision these questions as if we are in the shoes of your customers to gauge their behavior and construct a strategy based on that knowledge. With our inbound telemarketing process, the use of CRMs (Customer Relationship Management systems) is important in tracking consumer interest, so you understand exactly what your customers seek.

Innis Maggiore also offers expertise in B2B inbound telemarketing based around a strategy that’s designed to expand a company’s potential customer universe. Your inbound sales funnel increases reach for new opportunities, targets new markets, and connects with new audiences. LinkedIn reports that segments that are increasingly employing inbound programs include banking and financial, IT and telecom, consulting (education and job), retail, government, healthcare, manufacturing, and life sciences — though any business that needs new customers can benefit for using Innis Maggiore as its inbound marketing firm.

Outbound telemarketing is a proactive lead-generation process

Outbound telemarketing contacts consumers directly with an offer, having the objective in mind that they will close a sale. At Innis Maggiore, we track and reach consumers who show a high interest in your brand and its product or service but might need an extra “nudge” by learning more about what you have to offer. We offer an experience that is genuine, without seeming scripted, to come across clearly as solving a consumer problem.

Innis Maggiore also creates B2B outbound strategies to proactively reach out to potential new customers, build new relationships, and close new deals. Increasingly these are strengthened by combining telemarketing with referral programs, live chats, webinars, and social media. We also work closely with you, knowing that it’s crucial for a company’s marketing and sales teams to collaborate in order to exhibit alignment in messaging and methodology.

Get quality leads with Innis Maggiore as your inbound telemarketing firm or outbound telemarketing partner

Whether you or the customer picks up the phone or initiates the contact, Innis Maggiore can bring you telemarketing programs to position you for success in making direct sales or reaching out to new potential B2B customers.

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