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Information Architecture Agency

An information architecture agency helps you to structure your website content to maximize user experience (UX).

The user experience is fundamentally about maximizing the fit (relevance) of site information and interactions with customer wants and needs. It takes, therefore, a keen understanding for how customers think and what they want to do when they enter a website or webpage. Without a clear customer user-experience strategy, some of these experiences are negative.

At Innis Maggiore, relevance comes first.  Knowing customers, what they want and what they need to do while on the site is the first step. We begin by asking, who are the users for this website? What are their key tasks? How easy is it to perform them? How can we make it easier?

Without this streamlined process in place, website visitors can easily become confused, decide you can’t provide what they are looking for and go elsewhere. Getting the information architecture right is key to keeping the quality of your traffic up and converting visitors into leads.

How to Choose the Right Information Architecture Agency for Your Web Project

Make sure your information architecture agency of choice has these capabilities

The role of information architect is now considered one of the top skill sets within companies worldwide. In an age of information overload, a solid web partner should provide examples of work that display:

1)   Effective moderating of strategy and development sessions

2)   Keen insight into the workings of online media and integration of new media into an effective web presence (e.g., social marketing, mobile technology)

3)   The ability to organize complex processes and information which were dissected and represented in a strategically digestible format for the end user

4)   The skill to prototype business applications prior to implementation

5)   Best practice page hierarchy, navigation, structure, response mechanisms and search engine optimization techniques 

6)   Strategic use of interactive features and functionality

Information architecture and positioning

While Innis Maggiore is a leading practitioner of information architecture, as well as all of the associated practices that work together to make your web asset successful, what truly sets us apart from every other information architecture agency out there is our focus on positioning.

Positioning is the practice of differentiating your company and brand from those of the competition by standing for one idea in the mind of your prospects and customers. It’s about having one unique, clearly communicated message that gives your best prospects and customers a reason to buy from you instead of anyone else.

What does this have to do with information architecture?

First, developing a clear, unique message naturally shapes the type and structure of content included on your site. Second, successful positioning requires a thorough understanding of consumer psychology. This same knowledge is needed to properly lay out your site to match the needs of your prospects and to provide the direction they need to find what they’re looking for.

Third, and perhaps even more importantly, the overall user experience your site provides helps shape your website visitor’s perception of your brand. This perception is precisely what positioning seeks to address: how do we create a consistent brand experience across every touch point, including your website? How do we make visitors feel welcome? And how do we ensure your messaging stands out in a crowded marketplace to give visitors a reason to buy?

For decades, Innis Maggiore has been America’s #1 Positioning Ad Agency, helping clients get their messaging right so that prospects and customers will continue to choose them, time after time. Now, in the information age, this is more important than ever, and information architecture done right is a perfect example of positioning principles applied in the digital space.

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