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IoT Marketing Agency

The rise of IoT devices has taken data analytics and advertising to a whole new level.

The rise of IoT devices has taken data analytics and advertising to a whole new level. With the increased number of trackers and sensors that allow devices to communicate with one another, you can maximize your ability to collect information for each of your customers on an individual level. An IoT marketing agency specializes in making meaning out of this data so we can help you maximize your relevance to the consumer and soar above the competition.

At Innis Maggiore, we specialize in a strategy that’s focused on differentiating you from the rest and resonating with your specific audience. Positioning is based on the idea of owning a meaningful difference in the mind of the consumer. When you make your position the core of your messaging, you’re guaranteeing the customer understands what your brand delivers like no other.

As your full-service IoT marketing agency armed with positioning, we can study your consumer data with a lens for brand differentiation. That means we can see your brand's strengths, pinpoint its weaknesses, and ultimately, get you on track for success.

Breaking down the benefits.

IoT’s star quality is its ability to collect real-time data.

Whether it’s smart thermostats, fitness devices, package tracking, or even just your smart phone, these devices all share a connection to the internet that’s constantly collecting and communicating your personal preferences and behavior to other devices.

As an IoT marketing agency, we know all of these interactions compile as first-party data. In a time where third-party cookies are disappearing, first-party data has become a welcomed and valuable replacement. Even more, it presents the most accurate form of data collection since it records the behavior from the source itself: the consumer.

This wealth of information is used by your IoT marketing agency to create the most robust customer profiles. While developing these profiles, we’re analyzing and interpreting behavior at a more personal level to deliver a single-view understanding of the customer. Data like purchase history, browsing history, and individual preferences all collide to give a detailed understanding about the motivations of a customer. Analysis from collected information can then be utilized to develop new marketing strategies that engage and interact with the consumers with relevant content and mediums.

Word to the wise.

While IoT data delivers accurate and valuable information about consumer behavior, it’s also important to be aware of its obstacles.

A seasoned IoT marketing agency understands that though the abundance of IoT devices adds immense ease to consumers and marketers alike, it also poses a high cybersecurity risk, whether through physical tampering or attacks on software and networks.

These cybersecurity concerns play into the ongoing conversation in marketing about privacy, particularly the topic of cookies, and has left many users hesitant to offer any additional morsels of their online presence to tracking. When working with an IoT marketing agency, it’s important to have awareness about these concerns not just on a moral level, but one with legal repercussions in the event you experience a data breach.

Most importantly, it’s critical to be attentive to how a campaign uses data without offending customers. When the prospect feels as though a brand is disregarding his or her privacy, trust is broken and credibility is lost. Keeping this boundary intact is an essential component in an IoT campaign and requires careful strategizing.

Let positioning do the decision-making.

Once we have a firm grasp of your customers and their motivations, we can then see where your brand positioning would be most effective.

IoT marketing data works well in uncovering the niche spot where your brand position will shine the brightest. Paired with positioning, we can bolster your relevance and distance you from the competition.

Blending our skills as an IoT marketing agency and positioning professionals, we guide your advertising by cutting through the noise and delivering a message that’s focused and reaches your audience. And when it comes to data collection, cybersecurity, and privacy infringement, you can trust Innis Maggiore to use our expertise to utilize first-party data without offending prospects and to navigate through any questions or challenges that come our way.

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