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Does your lead-generation agency know how to manage new opportunities?

Lead Generation Agency

Innis Maggiore can help you nurture potential customers and convert them into customers.

Lead generation is the primary focus for many businesses, and for good reason. Without actively cultivating new leads, you’re allowing your business to stagnate, leaving it vulnerable to the competition. At the same time though, there’s no point in toiling to generate more opportunities if you don’t have a plan for managing them afterwards. A thorough lead-generation agency understands that lead management is an integral part of the lead lifecycle.

Lead generation vs lead management

Since they’re related, it’s easy to get these two concepts confused, but both will play an intricate role in delivering new business. Lead generation involves marketing tactics meant to garner prospects’ initial interest in your product or service. A lead-generation agency knows proper management entails a more systematic approach where you can watch, evaluate, and nurture these potential customers to a conversion.

As two separate components, they require different approaches involving separate marketing tactics to achieve your goals. You may employ a new website, video product demos, and programmatic advertising to create general interest from your audience and start building a lead database. But when it comes to nurturing a lead, you may employ a lead-management plan involving a monthly newsletter, personalized emails, or special offers. A lead-generation agency like Innis Maggiore can help you determine and execute the best course of action for these strategies.

Phase #1

Lead Generation

Though we’ve just differentiated these topics, lead generation could also be referred to as the first phase of lead management. Without a plan for finding prospects, likewise, there won’t be anything to manage. Usually, your lead generation agency will start with creating buyer personas and settling on a mechanism for collecting information from prospects using methods like contact forms. Other creative tactics may engage prospects with enticing information or product guides that require email addresses to unlock.

Phase #2

Lead Nuturing

Once you start collecting leads, your lead-generation agency will enter the nurturing phase. This process begins with analyzing and identifying the strongest prospects. By differentiating the best leads, the team can focus its primary efforts on leads with the highest potential conversion.

Like lead generation, nurturing can take place in a multitude of ways. Depending on the nature of your brand and the prospect at hand, your strategy may include blog articles, email campaigns, or testimonials. All of these tactics continue cultivating your brand awareness. A lead generation agency also uses these to continue building your relationship with prospects as they start to become more familiar with your services and actually consider if your brand would benefit them.

Phase #3

Lead Tracking

Your lead-generation agency will continue to work through leads and manage responses. A customer relationship management software (CRM) is a pivotal aspect in tracking lead activity. When you partner with an agency that uses strong CRM software, you know your leads won’t get lost in the shuffle of content and correspondence.

CRM systems keep track of every detail regarding customer interactions. Programs like Salesforce, HubSpot, Sugar, and SharpSpring are some of the most popular on the market, and provide users the ability to view analytics, and track deal progress and workflow automation. In its role as a lead generation agency, Innis Maggiore knows how to help you find the right system for your objectives and company profile that’ll keep your lead generation on track.

The key to lead success — positioning.

In its role as your lead-generation agency, Innis Maggiore adds an extra element to the equation: positioning.

An important aspect in the lead-generation process is brand communication. With a positioning strategy, you’re differentiating your brand in the mind of the consumer using one clear message and 100% focus. Prospects will understand exactly what your brand stands for and if it fits into their business models. In many ways, positioning is the essential mechanism for a lead-generation agency to capture lasting, qualified leads.

But the power of positioning goes beyond just sparking that initial interest. It continues to fuel the remainder of the lead-generation lifecycle as the axiom for determining the best leads and for reaching the prospects who would value your brand most. As America’s #1 positioning agency, Innis Maggiore is ready to make sure your position is there to guide every phase, tactic, and conversation in your lead generation strategy.

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