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Marketing Analytics Agency

Take off the blindfold and get in tune with your target audience with the power of marketing analytics.

Anyone in the marketing field, or simply even in the business world as a whole, has surely heard the “80/20 Rule”: 80% of any given company’s revenue is generated by approximately 20% of their customers. Given that this is accurate of your company, that makes for a much more specified target audience. With this specification, there comes a need to gain a better and more complete understanding of your customer.

The thing is, the information to do just that exists. Through every purchase, transaction, or other interaction between you and your customers, precious first-party data is collected from the customer. But by itself, data is just that — “data” — and with every interaction with every customer generating more and more data, that mound of data just grows and grows and snowballs until it’s an incoherent mess of numbers and profiles. Without a proper marketing analytics agency to unscramble and organize the mess, all that first-party data doesn’t amount to anything other than random information and statistics.

At Innis Maggiore, the nation’s leading positioning ad agency, we understand that having a complete view of the customer is quintessential in the practice of positioning. Not only do we understand the importance of having a complete view of the customer, but we know it from fifty years of practice. Without knowing and understanding who it is you’re trying to position yourself to, you’re aiming for your target while relying on nothing but hope — like playing darts with a blindfold on. Take off the blindfold and get in tune with your target audience with the power of marketing analytics.

Understanding marketing analytics is understanding your market.

Having a marketing analytics agency on your side can help you organize the menagerie of first-party data you get from customers into a singular, individualized system — like a digital filing cabinet.

From here, this organized data can be arranged into demographics, psychographics, even firmographics, and gradually into a cohesive profile of your customer base. We like to call it “a single view of the customer.”

As much as marketing analytics can show you what already exists in the market, it can, sometimes more importantly, show you what doesn’t exist in the market. There are always cracks in the pavement of the market left behind by the competition. By having a greater and all-encompassing view of your customer, you can begin to see the needs they have, and which needs aren’t being fulfilled by anyone else.

With proper organization, quantity equals quality.

In any discussion of quantity, be it products, services, or data points, there comes the inherent concern of quality.

In what instance can quantity override quality? Are there any examples? At what point does the matter of quality become too overbearing and begin to derail quantity? Although these may seem like valid concerns — and in the hands of a less-experienced marketing analytics agency, they very well would be — by utilizing proper organization of data, the argument of quantity versus quality is completely overridden. Instead of trying to fine-tune the right balance between quantity and quality, quantity instead equals quality.

By creating a system in which each customer serves as an individual point of data, not only is each customer then made equal in their data, but each additional point of data only serves to either reinforce the strength of your position or reveal cracks that you and your position can then fill.

Not just a benefit to you — but to your customer.

While the advantages of partnering with a marketing analytics agency may be readily apparent and obvious for your company, the advantages it gives to your customer are a bit more nuanced — but just as vital.

While marketing analytics may sound like you’re merely just “generalizing” your segment of the market, it’s just the opposite: by creating a specific image of your customer, you create a significantly more concise target toward which to direct your marketing. The more direct and clear your position is, the more informed you can keep your customer and ultimately build a relationship with your customers based on trust and openness.

Turn your first-party data into your personal gold mine.

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