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A thorough media audit can put dollars back into your ad budget

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Innis Maggiore conducts media audits when first engaging with clients

Advertising is one of the most powerful ways to grow your business, and advertising involves media. But starting campaigns without any awareness about what’s going on with your media is a recipe for disaster. You need a comprehensive media audit firm like Innis Maggiore to help examine whether your marketing performance is on track.

A media audit reviews the state of your brand by analyzing how you’re perceived by audiences through media platforms. This information helps marketers understand if, and how, your marketing may be underperforming, and make recommendations to bolster its effectiveness for your brand.

What is a media audit?

Every platform provides back-end information about how other users are interacting with your brand. These metrics add up to a wealth of knowledge a media audit firm can use to determine your profile’s strengths and weaknesses.

Some of these metrics include audience insights like the demographics, psychographics, firmographics, or geographics you’re reaching, or frequency, recency, reach, share of impression, engagement with posts through comments, and programmatic clicks. The list is pretty extensive, and knowing the media landscape is crucial to understanding whether your media plan is optimized.

Correcting the misconceptions

Many people assume spreading their marketing across a host of platforms gives them the greatest chance to reach the largest audience.

While a very common strategy, it simply isn’t a strategy at all. The idea of being everywhere in front of everyone seems like an advantage, but a media audit firm knows it can be a huge mistake. There are a lot of challenges, from underserving ads to running a high risk for digital fatigue from high frequency ad serving.

Since resources dictate strategy, your media spend needs to correspond with your resources. Doing everything with little dollars means you're not doing anything sufficient enough in a single channel to make a difference. Conversely, putting all your dollars in one channel "basket" might mean ad fatigue. There's a balance, and a good media audit firm knows how to strike that balance.

Strategy behind perception

Conducting a media audit gives you a full view of what’s going on below the surface.

Our audit reviews every aspect of your marketing, seeing where placements don’t make sense, or where you’re overspending somewhere that doesn’t reach your target audience. And because we're the nation's leading positioning ad agency, you'll know that our review includes reviewing your messaging as well to ensure your ads are conveying your most relevant and uniquely differentiated value proposition. Positioning + media savvy = great marketing!

Positioning — your media audit barometer

As a media audit firm, Innis Maggiore knows how to study these platforms.

We collect and analyze engagement data and interpret it based on that specific platform. But even more so, Innis Maggiore brings an additional component to the mix: positioning strategy.

Positioning, that one thing that differentiates you from the rest, plays into all the layers that surround your target audience from finding them to knowing how to reach them. On one hand, it could entail narrowing the number of platforms you use. On the other, it could mean limiting your retargeting efforts to two times a week per user.

When you work with us as your media audit firm, we conduct our audit with your position in mind, locating the most relevant audience and approaches in context to your brand and industry. We believe your position is the cipher for interpreting back-end data so you can evaluate your performance and take control of your marketing.

When it comes to working with Innis Maggiore, we use auditing and verification to measure the impact of your brand distribution, whether that includes utilizing our full-service capabilities or just looking for a reputable media audit and verification service provider. Whatever you need, we’re there to be your trustworthy source.

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