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Out-of-Home Advertising Agency

Out-of-home advertising appears in endless forms from posters, to street furniture, to transit.

Have you ever noticed the multitude of ads scattered around you everyday? By that, we don’t mean the abundance of website advertisements you scroll past or the regularly scheduled commercials that pop up while you stream. Instead, we mean the ones you find outside situated on park benches, lamp posts, buses, or print posters sealed on walls. These are known as out-of-home advertisements. And an out-of-home advertising agency is very aware of the myriad locations where your advertising can appear.

Out-of-home advertisements offer a host of benefits. For instance, they have a broad reach. Since they are up all day everyday, out-of-home advertisements are always on the job, spreading your messaging at all times. They are also effective at targeting audiences just through their locations alone. And they give audiences something to glance at other than a digital screen, a trend we’ll discuss later on in this article.

Ultimately, the greatest beauty with out-of-home advertising lies in its limitless creativity. Out-of-home advertising appears in endless forms from posters, to street furniture, to transit, and even includes guerilla marketing, a technique which involves eccentric surprise encounters with the public. It creates an ad that is fresh to the viewer and may be the tactic that gives your brand the spark it needs in the marketplace.

Innis Maggiore possesses all the necessary components of a strong out-of-home advertising agency, including a brilliant creative team and a resourceful media planning team. But what makes our out-of-home campaigns successful is our foundation rooted in positioning strategy. Positioning capitalizes your brand by emphasizing its competitive difference against the competition.

With an identified position, you can trust Innis Maggiore to deliver an out-of-home campaign with 100% focus on one message. One of the common missteps in out-of-home advertising is the presence of multiple messages. Without your position, you run the risk of losing your focused message to the target audience as you expand your campaign across multiple media. Positioning guarantees consistency from the posters displayed in a mall to the public bus cruising down city streets. And no one understands positioning better than Innis Maggiore, America’s #1 positioning ad agency.

Combat digital saturation by marketing outside the box

Digital saturation has meant a renewal in other advertising mediums like out-of-home.

One of the reasons tactics like out-of-home advertising are becoming so forceful is due to digital saturation. Back in the 70s, Americans were exposed to around 500 ads everyday. Fast forward to 2021, and now, people face 1,000s and sometimes 10,000s of ads each day. One of the main explanations for this phenomenon is the increased availability of ad space. Today, the internet has magnified platforms from just radio, tv, and print, to include streaming services and myriad web advertising styles all interacting and encountering millions of viewers everyday. With such big expansion, though, audiences are no longer absorbing digital content with the same level of engagement. The majority of viewers experience digital fatigue from overexposure just due to the sheer amount of ads they encounter everyday. But this phenomenon has opened other doors in advertising.

Digital saturation does not discredit the efficacy of utilizing digital marketing, but it is important to recognize when considering how to approach your target audience. On the other side of this trend, digital saturation has meant a renewal in other advertising mediums like out-of-home. Since digital marketing strategies have become so commonplace, out-of-home advertising has shifted to become a more unique approach for targeting audiences simply because it stands out among the sea of digital screens.

The statistics of reaching a broader audience

Out-of-home advertising has proven itself to be a valuable approach to advertising.

In a 2016 report with 1,006 participants, Nielsen collected data concerning out-of-home advertising. Here’s what they discovered:

  • They found that 91% of participants ages 16 years or older observed out-of-home advertisements over the course of a month.
  • 56% of those 16 or older observed public buses with advertisement wraps.
  • When out-of-home print advertisements were placed in common spaces like retail stores, health clubs, and gas stations, 63% of those 16 or older affirmed that they recognized them.
  • After seeing out-of-home advertisements, 21% of viewers reported that they went to a restaurant, 19% stopped at a specific store, 9% attended an event, and 8% initiated a phone call.

The biggest confirmation from these statistics is out-of-home advertising’s audience reach. Undeniably, out-of-home advertising holds a large sphere of influence in marketing where audiences are consciously engaged with campaigns. Even with higher attention than action, Nielsen’s response statistics still communicate significant response margins for any business. All in all, out-of-home advertising has proven itself to be a valuable approach to advertising.

As a seasoned out-of-home advertising agency, Innis Maggiore has studied and understands these growing trends in the market. With the whole picture in mind, our agency can lead you down the right path to suit your position.

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