How a podcast advertising agency can supercharge your podcast marketing

The proof is in the podcast pudding.

Podcast Advertising Agency

81% of consumers pay attention to advertisements during podcasts.

Oversaturation is one of the greatest challenges for digital media. As prospects become accustomed to ads draping the sides of websites, interrupting their streaming, and popping up through their headphones, it’s become easier to tune them out. A good podcast advertising agency, though, finds this is not the case with podcasts, which have shown a unique strength in audience engagement that has revolutionized advertising.

In a 2023 study, Midroll reports 81% of consumers pay attention to advertisements during podcasts. The same study compared podcast listening with other media, which found 63% of respondents claimed they disregard TV commercials.

A podcast advertising agency like Innis Maggiore knows listeners are not only more engaged but have higher conversion rates: sixty percent of listeners reported that they have bought products advertised on podcasts. seventy-two percent of loyal listeners, which Midroll defines as individuals listening to a show for at least four years, reported buying advertised products.


Why is podcast advertising so effective?

When a listener clicks on a podcast, they don’t want quick-hit content, but full-length episodes where they can learn something new.

The listener has placed a high value on the content, and the content directly relates to the host(s). Therefore, endorsements — either by the “on-air” talent and/or throughout the podcast — carry a lot of weight when it comes to advertising brands. Listeners perceive the host(s) as someone they know intimately. The listener’s relationship between themselves and the host also leads them to view the host(s) as authority figures in their industries.

High engagement and perceived leadership means listeners have a higher degree of trust in the products advertised on these programs. With a podcast advertising agency, you harness these advantages to distinguish your brand at a new level of potency.

The many shades of podcast advertising

Not only is podcast advertising effective, but there’s a multitude of ways to do it, giving you the flexibility to find the perfect spot for your brand.

The first decision is whether you want to pre-produce your advertisement or use host delivery. With high engagement, pre-produced ads remain an effective tactic. However, a podcast advertising agency may advise having the host read your advertisement, or even give a personal endorsement.

The next question is whether your advertisement will be dynamic or baked-in. Baked-in ads are recorded with the podcasts, meaning they’re forever embedded in that episode. Dynamic ads though, can be changed and swapped out of specific episodes long after they’ve been uploaded.

After you’ve determined your preferred combination, a podcast advertising agency can help you decide where to place your ad. Podcast advertisements usually go in three areas, the pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll, with each one carrying its own advantages.

A podcast advertising agency with differentiation at the core

As a podcast advertising agency, Innis Maggiore believes brand differentiation is the key to lasting success.

We approach every client with one goal; to communicate how your brand apart is different from the rest. We call this difference your position.

Podcast advertising naturally distinguishes your brand from the others. From just an episode mention, we know your product is already swimming around in the mind of the consumer. When a podcast advertising agency strengthens your strategy with positioning though, you only magnify that power of distinction.

Your position also provides the guide for creating the most effective strategy. It helps decide your target audience and the best podcasts for reaching them. With positioning as your compass, there’s no telling the success you’ll see in your podcast advertising strategy.

Connect with your audience in a deeper way with a podcast advertising agency.

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