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Programmatic is the in thing. But do you really understand what it can do for your brand? Here’s the way we, as a programmatic agency, like to explain it … take all the great things about TV, radio, and web advertising and roll them into a single management platform. Then add targeting capabilities to it and finish with a heavy dose of tracking functionality. That’s the simplest definition of programmatic. There’s a lot more to it, but for the sake of explanation, this is a sufficient way to comprehend the kind of results you should expect from using programmatic.

Because programmatic offers targeting by audience (geographic, demographic, firmographic, and psychographic), TV/video, audio, and other forms of traditional broadcast media typically used by B2C companies can also be used by B2B companies. A good programmatic agency can explain these nuances and show how programmatic makes sense even to a B2B advertiser. And for smaller B2C advertisers, the tight targeting allows these media formats to be an option in your marketing arsenal as well.

In fact, a successful programmatic campaign starts with the target audience. Whether you have first-party data, or just analogically know a particular target definition (small geographic coverage included), Innis Maggiore – one of the region’s top programmatic agencies – can build a one-of-a-kind targeting approach to achieve your brand’s marketing goals. Combine this with targeting by medium, device, time of day, and other data point “switches,” and you’ll find your advertising dollars can be deployed at maximum efficiency and for far less than you could ever imagine.

Take control like never before

As a programmatic agency, Innis Maggiore knows how to leverage this medium’s benefits.

To start, like anything digital, you will benefit from its trackability. From the moment an ad runs, every viewer, with or without cookies, can be analyzed, noting where the ad ran (e.g., device type, channel, format, etc.) and whether any action was taken (e.g., click, separate web visit, etc.).

Hand in hand with trackability comes metrics. KPIs evaluate campaign performance based on numerous measurable variables, including clicks, conversion rates, and reach. Using these insights from the data, a programmatic agency can not only validate your initial strategy but optimize it in real time. A good programmatic agency like Innis Maggiore will evaluate your advertising throughout the campaign and make recommendations upon which, considering your native knowledge of increased leads, transactions, revenue, etc., you can make informed decisions.

More technical than you’d think

While these features heighten the transparency of advertising, the process isn’t without its challenges.

Though automation seems easy enough, it isn’t an automatic setting for success. Without the expertise of a programmatic agency, you could easily miss the mark, wasting time, money, and resources.

The complexity begins once you start searching for ad space. Programmatic advertising isn’t as simple as logging on and buying ad space on a universal platform. For instance, real-time bidding occurs during a live auction, where any purchasers can bid for media spots. However, private marketplaces are also conducted on an invitation-only basis for advertisers alone, limiting space to those with verified, trusted relationships. These are just two of several ways to purchase space.

There’s also intricacy in how each programmatic marketing agency approaches targeting. Targeting lets you address specific qualities about your audience for extreme precision. However, it isn’t an automatic green light for results. Without serious intentionality, you can easily find yourself over-targeting and subsequently limiting your results.

Programmatic powered by positioning

Programmatic advertising may simplify your media distribution, but automation doesn’t guarantee direction. Clear direction is what this programmatic agency is all about.

As America’s #1 positioning ad agency, we have the perfect tool to guide you through every tactic and circumstance, including programmatic. We call it your position. It communicates that one idea that differentiates you from your competition, bringing your audience one clear message with 100% focus.

Whether you’re advertising through traditional media or modern innovations like programmatic, you can always rest assured that grounding yourself in positioning strategy will be the ultimate path to success.

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