Rebirth of the retail marketing agency

A transition from ecommerce back to a new and improved in-store experience.

Retail Marketing Agency

Innis Maggiore has the strategy and skill to accomplish any need, from POP displays to entire store renovations.

While it seems ecommerce has consumed the world of in-store shopping, the idea of revamping your storefront with the help of a retail marketing agency may come across as an outdated way to invest in your company’s marketing strategy. With the apparent domination of ecommerce, why choose an appealing storefront over something like a website rebuild?

In recent studies examining the transition from in-store to online shopping, researchers have found that while many shoppers investigate products and sellers online, individuals prefer to make their ultimate purchases in person. And even for those who still solidify their purchases online, many will still make the trip in-store to view their wishlist products and perhaps discover other exciting finds.

This revelation means that though shoppers spend significant time surfing the web for the best deals, their decisions to choose your product are solidified in-store. This opens a huge window of opportunity for you to not only showcase the goods your customers are looking for, but advertise other products that may catch their eye and lead to growth.

Yet how can you prepare your store to maximize product visibility and remain an inviting space for shoppers? Or, if you sell your products as a vendor, how do you construct and manage multidimensional displays to catch the eyes of these curious passersby? The answer lies in the expertise of a retail marketing agency like Innis Maggiore.

Navigating your position’s compass

When Innis Maggiore works with clients as a retail marketing agency, we don’t immediately start brainstorming different layouts or considering the effectiveness of aisle displays. We begin this process by first identifying your company’s difference in the marketplace. What unique idea do you, or can you, own in the mind of the consumer.

At Innis Maggiore, we specialize in understanding and promoting that thing that makes you stand apart. We utilize positioning strategy, which focuses on uncovering that big idea about your company or product that gives you a competitive advantage. Once we identify that idea – your position – we can build a brand that will grab the attention of the marketplace. Your position serves as your marketing compass, guiding you towards the best possible strategies in bolstering brand awareness, part of which will likely include in-store and point-of-purchase design work.

Maximize your brand presence with a change of scenery

Innis Maggiore has the strategy and skill to accomplish any need or layout.

In one vein there’s the traditional idea of design, which includes paint colors, furniture, and architecture. Another aspect would be determining the customer flow using appropriate layout, whether you choose the classic grocery store grid plan or the free-flow layout favored by boutiques and specialty stores.

What if you don’t have your own store, but operate as a vendor in other stores? How can a retail marketing agency like Innis Maggiore help? Part of this area of marketing relies on point-of-purchase advertising. Point-of-purchase (POP) tactics involve strategic placement of products using displays. Oftentimes, these displays are elaborate as they’re meant to catch the eye of a consumer drifting down the aisle. They usually involve three dimensional pieces.

All of these details are meant to culminate into an emotional experience that converts consumers to your product, and Innis Maggiore has the strategy and skill to accomplish any need, from POP displays to entire store renovations.

Showcase your position, at retail, with Innis Maggiore

A good retail marketing agency highlights your brand and positioning through your storefront.

It’s important to acknowledge that the situation before advertisers is not the death of brick and mortar shopping, but that its transformation into a new form. Where typical traditional storefronts and displays are no longer engaging consumers in the same way, creating the common desolate landscape of malls and plazas, specialty stores and businesses who started online but have now made advances to in-person stores are booming.

Stores are now a means of making online inventories tangible to customers, making in-person shopping a sampling activity. Though this move has transitioned retail shopping to a new purpose, it still relies on the same advertising goal of augmenting your brand awareness. With experience in advertising stretching back to 1974, Innis Maggiore recognizes that the best way to broaden your reach is with retail marketing focused on your position.

When you’re backed with the power of positioning, you can trust a retail marketing agency like Innis Maggiore to establish the right tone, color scheme, and visuals, all the way down to the perfect store layout for directing the flow of customers all aimed at highlighting your company brand, and at its core, your position.

Put your position on display.

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