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Sales automation can help you reclaim time spent on tasks that are essential to closing the deal.

You’re obviously considering a sales automation agency or you wouldn’t be reading this page. You know there’s an issue, but what might it be? We’re taking a wild guess here, but maybe it goes something like this …

The average American sales representative spends merely 35% of their time selling — which means that throughout the forty-hour work week, sales reps spend less than two days doing the thing for which they were hired. As of January 2024, the average salary of a sales rep is $76,681 a year. This means that in a year, you’re spending nearly $50,000 — PER SALES REP — to do something other than sell. Now, that doesn’t mean sales reps are sitting around twiddling their thumbs for 26 hours a week — so where is that time going?

While selling is obviously the main job of a sales representative, there is a lot of tedious foundational work that goes into selling: searching for new prospective customers, researching and formulating new leads, and of course, the dreaded logging and filing of sales and paperwork. While this work is essential, it’s a great big time-sink — time that could be spent selling, meeting with customers and clients, and growing the scope of your brand. But therein lies the question: how can you reclaim time spent on tasks that are essential to the job? If you want to reclaim your time and get your sales team chugging at full speed, then it’s time to reach out to a sales automation agency like Innis Maggiore.

At Innis Maggiore, the nation’s leading positioning ad agency, we may not have “conventional” sales representatives, but what we absolutely have are several departments, each responsible for reaching out to our clients and keeping them informed. Our entire company is built around creating relationships with clients in order to learn how they work and discover what differentiates them from the rest of the market. If we can’t keep up on selling and meeting with clients, how can we expect anyone else to do the same?

Sales automation is a second step beyond CRM.

Sales automation may just sound like a component of CRM, and while it technically may be, it actually goes a step beyond CRM.

Whereas CRM collects, organizes, and automates first-party customer data, sales automation, well, automatically converts that data into actionable information.

  • Need to keep track of contact information for both repeat customers and new prospects? 
  • Need to know when a customer interacts with an email or your website?
  • Need to be reminded when to follow up with customers on quotes or leads?
  • And most importantly, need to automate the logging and filing of that awful paperwork?
If you answered yes to any of these questions — or even if you’re just considering it — then consider engaging Innis Maggiore, an experienced sales automation agency.

Accentuating — not replacing.

When people hear the term “sales automation,” they might reasonably clam up — after all, in an increasingly technology-centric world, doesn’t the human touch of sales serve as a breath of fresh air?

That’s what’s great about sales automation: it doesn’t replace the human touch of sales. The term “sales automation” may be a bit misleading, because while it does serve to automate the more redundant and mundane, yet crucial, aspects of the sales process, the one thing it doesn’t automate is the sales relationship itself.

Rather than thinking of it as sales automation, think of it as an automatic assistant for your sales team — personally crafted by a professional sales automation agency. Your automatic assistant can keep you up to date on customer data, establish triggers that inform you when a customer opens an email or visits your website, send reminders or suggest meeting times with clients, and more — all without breaking a sweat.

Adopt sales automation into your current management system.

We pride ourselves on our work as a sales automation agency and adapting existing systems to increase your efficiency.

But if the incorporation of that system brings your sales team to a halt, it wouldn’t serve much of a purpose, would it? By working so closely with our clients, we get to know and understand whatever preexisting system you may have — whether you use CRM or not. We can also recommend a new or replacement system if you believe your existing system just doesn’t have the horsepower necessary to work for your particular organization.

From there, we create a system specifically tailored toward minimal intrusion upon implementation to keep you running at maximum capacity — except now, you have a 24/7/365 sales automation system to get that maximum higher than ever before.

You're losing sales minutes, even now.

Reclaim that precious sales time from tedium and redundancies by engaging a sales automation agency. Reach out to Innis Maggiore now!

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