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Social media is a must-have if you’re trying to be a force in any marketplace.

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Social media strategies have the power to reach groups who would otherwise never come in contact with your brand.

One of the most practical and economical ways to market your company is utilizing social media. Not only does social media have a global reach, there’s no financial barrier to setting up a profile. And in today’s digital economy, social media is a must-have if you’re trying to be a force in any marketplace, whether it's Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or LinkedIn.

With that said, let’s say you’ve started your social media account. You set your logo as your profile picture and then you write a little bio about what your brand stands for. At first, you’re proactive about posting regularly and interacting with the comments section, but as time goes on, other responsibilities take hold, and the nuance fades, leaving your social media to come quickly tumbling down.

Don’t let this opportunity for an active social media presence fall by the wayside. Instead, take advantage of it when you work with a social media agency like Innis Maggiore to coordinate consistent and regular campaigns.

Implementing your position to your profile

Positioning means you are inherently making a campaign that stands apart.

If there’s one thing Innis Maggiore understands when it comes to building a social media campaign, it’s the ability to produce differentiated content. But under what principle can you distinguish between filler content and substantive marketing posts?

When you work with us as your social media agency, our foundation is positioning strategy. Positioning identifies and highlights how you differentiate your brand from the competition in the most relevant way to your audience. This principle is key when it comes to managing social media. A common issue in today’s media feed is the sheer amount of posts. These posts all tend to blur together and subject viewers to high doses of digital fatigue. But when you inject your position into your social media content, you are inherently making a campaign that stands apart.

With the help of a social media agency like Innis Maggiore, who happens to be the nation’s leading positioning ad agency, you can fortify your social media content with your position.

Hire a well-positioned social media agency

Social media has the power to reach groups who might never come in contact with your brand.

The first, and rather obvious benefit to social media, is creating brand awareness. If you want to reach beyond your geographic relevance, by staying with the times, and being active on social media, you can remain in the forefront of people’s minds. In the digital age, social media strategies have the power to reach groups who would otherwise never come in contact with your brand. This reality has made platforms like Instagram a hot place for people to find new products. Recently, it’s been reported that 55% of users will come in contact with brands for the first time while scrolling through social media.

Perhaps the greatest benefit to social media management, however, is how it humanizes brands. Not only do you have the ability to add personal flairs to your content, profiles, and posts, you also have a unique ability to engage your followers in a way that makes your brand appear more human. And people enjoy this high level of engagement. When asked if social media gave them an opportunity to communicate with brands, 68% of users agreed. A social media agency has the capability to give thoughtful responses to reviews and comments. When you become interactive like this, viewers feel more personally connected to your product, creating not just followers, but brand loyalists.

Partner with Innis Maggiore to achieve your social media goals

Meeting these goals requires more work than just joining a social platform.

How do you set goals for carving out a social media presence?

You may want to boost your followers and engagement, increase transactions (aka sales), track metrics, consistently differentiate posts, or increase shares and likes. All of these goals are different tangible ways to achieve growth and brand awareness.

Like with other forms of marketing, targeting plays a critical role in maximizing the entire potential of your campaign. When you decide to enter a social media platform, a social media agency can help you leverage your options to meet this potential. We begin by first evaluating what platform best suits your target audience. For instance, if your business best suits the needs of 18 to 29 year olds, you may want to shift your social media presence to Twitter or Instagram rather than Facebook. Or, if you’re marketing for B2B purposes, you may want to focus on LinkedIn or Facebook rather than Pinterest.

The messaging strategy of a social media platform also plays into the mix. Many companies use Facebook to promote their company culture (for staffing and retention purposes), but use LinkedIn to attract prospects and increase sales. Instagram might highlight their products or projects, but Twitter might be used solely for event marketing and contemporaneous news announcements. When you have the expertise of an experienced social media agency, who deploys the power of positioning, you can trust your media will not just reach the right audience, but engage them.


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