The Power of Sponsored Content

Leverage a sponsored content agency to develop content that connects with your prospects.

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Sponsored content engages audiences on a higher level.

Sponsored content can be one of the strongest tools in your marketing arsenal. As a sponsored content agency, we know it’s a tactic that’s easy to create and easy to place with a proven record for effective results. Sponsored content engages audiences on a higher level. Why? because it isn’t perceived as an ad by its viewers. Well-crafted sponsored content will be perceived as a benefit by the prospect and give your brand a “trust bump.”

Although available in many forms, the most common form is native advertising, which appears natural to the page, as if it were one of the many products, services, or brands the viewer intentionally searched. It eliminates the pressure a consumer feels when exposed to other, more obvious, ads. You might be familiar with advertorials in newspapers and print publications – sponsored content is the closest thing to the digital version of an advertorial.

In fact, consumers are exposed to hundreds of sponsored content ads every day and never even register them as ads.

A sponsored content agency, Innis Maggiore can help you harness this powerful perception using a multitude of approaches customized to your objectives, budget, and resources — placing you exactly where you need to be.

Sponsored content every which way

As a skilled sponsored content agency, we’ve created these “digital advertorials” in every form, including interstitial website banners, blog posts, videos, podcasts, and promoted listings.

Social media posts that appear as native content have been proven especially potent, blending into viewers’ feeds, and enticing them to purchase products or click for more information. When content is authentic and valuable to a reader, the format doesn't matter. It's simply a matter of taking content that's intrinsic and proprietary to you and formatting it to fit the medium. Short-form and long-form content can be curated into a sponsored content format. We can craft the content for you or guide you through the steps to supercharge your sponsored content marketing efforts.

Placement built on positioning

Innis Maggiore capitalizes on the natural feel of sponsored content using the power of positioning.

As America’s #1 Positioning Ad Agency, we believe positioning holds the key to lasting success when it comes to brand effectiveness. When a sponsored content agency utilizes positioning, it emphasizes how a brand differentiates itself from the competition by communicating through one well-defined message with 100% focus.

Your position represents the core idea of your brand. When you fuel your campaign with your position, you heighten the organic advantages of sponsored content.

Sponsored content can be powerful

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