Innis Maggiore Says Clean Lists and Smart Outreach are Keys

CANTON, Ohio (June 27, 2003) - Telemarketers can minimize the negative vibes their industry has generated by being more careful about how they pick their targets and more strategic in how they approach them.

So says Innis Maggiore Group, the fastest-growing advertising agency in Ohio. Much of the Canton-based company's recent growth has been the result of effective direct marketing strategies for clients.

The Associated Press reported Friday that some 370,000 people signed up in the first 12 hours of the Federal Trade Commission's new national "do not call"registry.

"The FTC action spotlights the difference between smart direct marketing and poor direct marketing," said Mike Butlien, Innis Maggiore's director of data analysis. "Smart telemarketers target people who are most likely to respond to a specific offer. Sloppy telemarketers conduct 'saturation' campaigns that lead to a lot of misses and ill will.

"This week's development will advance the 'science' aspect of direct marketing, and ultimately lead to greater efficiencies and response rates. Consumers who continue to accept telemarketing calls will receive offers more likely to be of interest."

Innis Maggiore Group is an advertising and public relations firm with nearly 60 associates at offices in Canton and Youngstown, Ohio. The company quadrupled in size between 1997 and 2002, and is projecting 2003 capitalized billings of more than $35 million. In May 2003, Advertising Age ranked Innis Maggiore the fastest-growing agency in Ohio. Key clients include Aultman Health Foundation, Brewster Dairy, Liquid Control Corp., Louisiana-Pacific Corp., Microsoft Corp., NancyLopezGolf, NEOUCOM, Nickles Bakery, Parker Hannifin, Progressive Foam Technologies, Rainbow Rentals, Republic Engineered Products, Smithers-Oasis Co., Square Two Golf, and Walt Disney Co. Innis Maggiore is a member of the American Association of Advertising Agencies, the Direct Marketing Association, the National Investor Relations Institute and the Public Relations Society of America.

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