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Jack Trout: The 5 Tests of Obviousness

At Innis Maggiore's "Breakfast with Jack Trout" event, Jack Trout spoke of "The Five Tests of Obviousness." He wrote more about these tests in his latest book, In Search of the Obvious.


Planning Your Participation in Social Media

As part of planning your level of participation in social media, you'll first need to consider media from the available landscape listed in the second installment. Based on those media you choose, decide the level at which you want your organization to participate in social media...


Viral Video Marketing: How Being Different, Relevant, & Good Can Get You Far

By now, you and nearly the entire world has had the opportunity to see and hear about the viral video for Susan Boyle, the dowdy-looking Scottish woman who appeared as a contestant on Britain's Got Talent, and shocked everyone with her incredible voice...


Repositioning with Crisis Communication

This is a situation when the economic environment forces a change inthe strategy to reflect the times. These economic times are not just uncertain. They are unprecedented. Some marketers tend to think, "Let's wait and see what others do." The problem with this attitude is that when it is time to act, the war will be over...


Change Communication: Repositioning

Repositioning is also how a marketer copes with change from disruptive,next generation products, says Jack Trout. "Technology can force you to adapt your brand to changing circumstances," says Trout. But you must never lose contact with your basic position...


Repositioning The Competition

Repositioning the competition is about hanging a "negative perception on the competition as a way to set-up a positive perception for your company, product, or service," says Trout. Crucial to success of the strategy, the negative must come from "a simple observation the public can verify themselves." You can't make up a negative. It has to have a basis in reality...


Ten Common Online Marketing Mistakes

At Search Engine Strategies Conference in New York, I shared experiences with search marketers from around the world. We love sharing our successes.


Size Doesn't Matter! Marketing Focus Does.

You have to have a well differentiated brand to survive today. The world has gotten smaller and as it shrinks, the density of competitive products and services has exponentially thickened. The level of competition will not decrease. It will increase. It is not going to level out. Things are going to get much more difficult. What's the future? With all this competition, we have entered the age of specialization...


Uncovering the Social Media Landscape

In the first installment on social media planning, Innis Maggiore suggested that you always insist on a media plan regardless of the media. Social media is simply a subset of all available (traditional and new) media. Avoid the newness hype and be wise. Any tactics used should be carefully planned and executed. Part two of this series will help you navigate the social media landscape...


The Key To Failure: Hyper-Commoditization

Rite Aid. General Motors. Krispy Kreme. Sbarro. Dollar Thrifty. Trump Entertainment. What do these brands have common? They're all expected to go under this year. What is behind this failure?...

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Leadership through technology.

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Leading our community to improved health.

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Protecting us from the spread of germs.

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Tradition you can taste.

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Performance guided by values.

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Keeping the family on full.

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Live Life Uncottaged

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Custom Auto Body

Custom to the rescue!

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Leader in skin health and hygiene.

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Stark Community Foundation

Connecting people to the causes they care about.

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Baird Brothers

Old school hardwood. Modern accessibility.

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Beese Fulmer

Stay rational. Invest long term.

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CSE Federal Credit Union

The Local Alternative

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Baja West Coast Kitchen

Fresh food with a West Coast vibe.

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Old Carolina

Authentic Carolina-style barbecue.

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Invented Pet Odor Control Technology

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True Sicilian pasta sauce.

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Stark County District Library

Where everything is free®

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DRB Systems

Transforming the car wash industry.

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Smoke The Burger Joint

Burgers smokin' with attitude.

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Powerfully Light

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Going the extra smile.

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Republic Steel

Steel Republic Steel.

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Second Harvest

Serving the community.

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Specialty Pipe

Their speciality is being the best.

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Trumbull Metro Housing Authority

Building a solid future for those in need.

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Fair Housing Law Center

Fighting for Equal Housing

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The Future of Waste Management

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Massillon Museum

Art & History Come Alive!

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Bird Technologies

The RF Experts

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Verisk 3E

Intelligent compliance. Sustainable progress. A safer world.

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