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By Dick Maggiore and Mark Vandegrift

Mark Vandegrift


Drive Advertising Success with Strategic Podcast Promotion

If you’re attentive to advertising’s current landscape, you may have already paired digital marketing media like social and paid search with traditional media like radio, print, and television.

How to Rebrand — Overstock Becomes Bed Bath & Beyond

If you haven’t heard the news, the Bed Bath & Beyond (“BB&B”) brand name lives again! This time, it will resurrect as the rebrand for Overstock, who purchased the brand…

Transform Your Website with a Leading UX Design Agency

These days, before someone ever visits your actual store or looks at your product in person, there is almost 100% certainty they took a moment to look up your website.

5 Cheat Codes from a Google Ads Agency Innis Maggiore

If you’re a gamer, you know what it means to have a cheat code.

AI-Powered Marketing – The Latest Disruption

If you’ve been around long enough, you remember the days when it was declared, “The internet is going to replace books!” When this was proclaimed, I worked at a book…

The Secret Sauce of Differentiation

Each year, publications like Vogue, CEO World, and other popular print and online outlets publish their top-trending brands to monitor in the coming year.

Bed Bath & Beyond Struggles to Hold Their Positioning in Business

The other evening, my wife and I were discussing the recent bad news about Bed Bath & Beyond.

Website Accessibility The Right Thing To Do

It’s no secret, the digital marketplace is at the forefront of our economy. Not surprisingly, websites are one of the most popular digital marketing tools available.

BTB on CTV Connected TV Advertising

Advertisers have long understood the potency of television (TV) as a brand-building medium for consumer products. However, business-to-business advertisers typically kept their distance, and for good reason.

Programmatic Advertising Revolution

The problem with mass marketing has finally been solved. The answer is programmatic advertising. Imagine two neighbors. Both watching ESPN. One sees your ad. The other doesn’t.

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