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By Dick Maggiore and Mark Vandegrift

Mark Vandegrift


Discover the Benefits of Working With a CTV Advertising Agency

For years, the promise of Connected TV’s (CTV) rise to prominence was predicted. Today, there’s no more prediction, just reality.

55 Years Later: Revisiting Jack Trout's Article on Positioning

If you haven’t read Jack Trout’s original article on positioning, you can read it here.

2024 Super Bowl Ads Winners and Losers

If you read our “How to Critique Super Bowl Commercials” PositionistView article last week, you know we have a fairly critical eye when judging the commercials.

How to Critique Super Bowl Commercials

Every year, friends and family ask me if I watch Super Bowl commercials differently because I’m in the ad business.

Market Positioning and the Context Filter: Stanley vs. Kodak

In a recent planning session for our 50th anniversary events, I was surprised to learn that our senior project manager had specified a Stanley mug for our kickoff celebration swag…

Building a Brand on Morals: Advertise Responsibly - Mark Vandegrift

After a recent lecture at Grove City College, a discerning student asked me the following question, “Do you ever find yourself losing sleep at night because of a marketing campaign…

Institutionalizing Your Position: A Key Employee Relations Strategy

Recently, I was at lunch with a friend who had just changed jobs. He happened to take a leadership position with one of our clients.

Differentiate or Die: Mastering Differentiation in the Age of AI

One of Jack Trout’s most popular works – Differentiate or Die – was published in 2000, just after the Y2K “scare.

Roy Williams on Persuasive Ads and Why Most Ads Don't Work

One of the great positionists of our time is Roy Williams. Known as “The Wizard of Ads,” we’ll be connecting soon on our Brand Shorthand podcast.

Drive Advertising Success with Strategic Podcast Promotion

If you’re attentive to advertising’s current landscape, you may have already paired digital marketing media like social and paid search with traditional media like radio, print, and television.

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