Mother Goose Knows This Stuff is No Mere Fairy Tale

Every spring over the last few years, Innis Maggiore has witnessed a wonder of nature that's also a real life application of positioning.

A pair of Canada geese has chosen a prime position directly outside my office window to nest and hatch. Monogamous by nature, they live in permanent pairs; they are also said to be territorial -- but only during that nesting season. This information, my observation, and a little wishful thinking all lead me to conclude that I've been revisited by the same pair year after year. Incidentally, their optimal positioning of the nest means that for weeks on end, I am being watched throughout the day by the mom, reminding me somewhat of an old "Twilight Zone" episode in which Roddy McDowall eventually comes to the realization that the dwelling so hospitably provided by his Martian hosts actually served to make him a caged zoo exhibit.

Territorial nesting like this is nature's answer to positioning. Mother and Father Goose conducted primary research, determining the spot best for the growth of their family (just like Innis Maggiore helps clients find their positioning for the growth of their business, family-owned or otherwise). This particular spot provides a protective viewpoint, with the building wall eliminating easy access by competition or predator; the apex of a gentle slope maximizes visibility against any unwanted approach; and a short overhang helps reduce impact from the outside elements.

In other words, these geese found a perfect differentiating position. Their reconnoitering detected its availability. The benefits outlined above provide its desirability. And their dedication to protecting the spot and staying true to its repeated use have established their credibility as owners of this position. As such, two winged creatures have easily passed Innis Maggiore's positioning test.

As with your business and the birth of a brand or a product/service, the right position -- carefully chosen, assiduously built, and tenaciously guarded -- has blessed our Mother and Father Goose with season after season of positive growth. Only that instead of being green and crisp, theirs are yellow and fuzzy.