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By Dick Maggiore and Mark Vandegrift

Social Media

Engagement from Social Media Content Strategy



Lessons on Social Media Communication

It is said social media has changed communication. It hasn't. Communication is the same as it always has been. Message. Sender. Receiver. Social media's problem is the receiver.

Expectations in Social Marketing ROI

In 2011 New Media Trends, I covered the trends we're seeing with Facebook and its climb to a billion members.

Understanding YouTube Optimization

You might be surprised to learn that YouTube is the second-largest search engine. It's bigger than both Yahoo and Bing, and second only to Google.

Thoughts on Implementing Social Media Advertising

Google "social media advertising" and you will get all sorts of opinions on whether advertising in social media makes sense.

How to Join the Social Media Conversation

The most popular question we are asked on the topic of social media is how to join the conversation.

Monitoring and Commenting Participation in Social Media

In the first two installments on planning social media, Innis Maggiore provided perspective and specific categories and examples that define the social media space.

Media Types in the Social Media Landscape

In the first installment on social media planning, Innis Maggiore suggested that you always insist on a media plan regardless of the media.

Thoughts Behind Social Media Planning

Innis Maggiore is often asked how we go about social media planning. Clients want to know what can be done in the social community space to create competitive advantage.