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By Dick Maggiore and Mark Vandegrift

Scott Edwards


McDonalds Krispy Kreme Cross Promotion Strategy

How sweet is the McDonald’s/Krispy Kreme cross-promotion strategy? Lots of people like McDonald’s. Lots of people like Krispy Kreme.

Chewy's Positioning Alignment Journey: Picturing Loyalty and Care v2

A picture is worth a thousand loyal customers every week. We want to call out Chewy for a job well done and celebrate this positioning alignment.

Amazon Fresh The Quest for Differentiated Brands

“One of several Amazon grocery brands needs to differentiate,” CEO admits.

Stark Community Foundation vs Budweiser Positioning

Budweiser Positioning puts sales over sentiment for this year's Super Bowl® advertising  Budweiser didn't exactly throw the puppies under the bus, but those pooches are definitely no longer on the payroll in…

Brian Williams' Lie Crisis PR

There is a story behind the story in the Brian Williams false-reporting scandal. Crisis PR has played a role.

Santa Claus Repositioning

This year, give the gift of branding. "Look, Santa baby! You're never gonna make it without a new image," was how his weary Tinseltown agent put it.

Comments on Chevy's Brand Positioning

It Sure is Deep in Here: Chevy is "retooling" and "reinvigorating" so that you'll be "resonating" Apparently, brand positioning and resulting sales no longer matter in the automotive business.

Territorial Nesting and Positioning

Mother Goose Knows This Stuff is No Mere Fairy Tale Every spring over the last few years, Innis Maggiore has witnessed a wonder of nature that's also a real life application…

Word Repositioning

Can words have a position? And, if so, can their positioning change over time? That is, can repositioning be achieved? At Innis Maggiore, we know that the most powerful concept in marketing is to own a word. Take a word such as "prestige," as owned by Mercedes-Benz, or "overnight" and "safety," by FedEx and Volvo, respectively. Each word carries meaning, and the positioning (the twin to repositioning) supplied by that word creates meaning for the brand...

KFC's Positioning Strategy

KFC -- or is it KGC? -- seems to be having a personality crisis (with all apologies to the 70s rock band New York Dolls), which means it has a positioning strategy crisis...

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