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By Dick Maggiore and Mark Vandegrift

Tagged with: Brand Strategies

Branding is the Marketing Holy Grail

In the Christian tradition, the vessel Jesus and his disciples used to drink wine at the Last Supper is called the Holy Grail.

Product- or Customer-Focused Brand DNA



Have you found your brand’s positioning idea? Southwest Airlines is low cost. FedEx is overnight delivery. Volvo is safety. When building a brand, you must differentiate...

Basics of Brand Positioning

Dunkin’ Donuts is planning to change its name to Dunkin’. The move is the latest example of corporate repositioning to make news that mainstream media will report.

Importance of Brand Consistency

Staying the course requires courage, discipline. To become really good at whatever we do requires doing the right thing, then doing it consistently. This applies to just about everything.

Steps for How to Brand Yourself

LeBron James, Donald Trump and many other celebrities know that each of us must be known for something. We need to market ourselves to further our careers.

Value in Company Slogans

Other than creating the brand’s name, the development of tagline might be marketer’s most important task.

Risk of Brand Extension

Companies must know the difference between line extension and a brand extension . . . and when to go each route.

Lessons from Xerox and Brand Failures

Company failed (and failed again) when it strayed from its established core position.