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By Dick Maggiore and Mark Vandegrift

Tagged with: Marketing

Positioning in Marketing a Professional Business Firm

Legion are the tales of marketing battles waged by brands that consumers see on retail shelves.

Numbers 17-22 Laws of Marketing

Last installment in four-part series shows that laws of marketing from nearly 25 years ago still elevate brands above their competition.

Numbers 11-16 Immutable Laws of Marketing

Jack Trout and Al Ries inspired a generation of advertising and marketing executives and creative directors when they published “The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing,” and for good reason.

Numbers 1-4 Marketing Laws

Wouldn’t it be great if there were truly immutable marketing laws to help us with marketing our products and services? There are laws in nature.

Determining Your Advertising Budget

Ad agency people frequently hear the question, “How much money should we spend on marketing?” The question is pretty basic, but the answer is not a simple sum or percentage.

The foundation for a brand’s position is that it can only stand for one thing, but there are gray areas. For example, does the Heinz brand stand for the idea of “condiments?” If so, they can extend their line from ketchup to mustard, and even mayonnaise...

Insights about Marketing to Consumers

Companies want to sell more products and services to more consumers. The trouble is the growing list of media choices: traditional offline (radio, TV, newspaper, billboard, magazines) and online (social media, search engine optimization, banner ads, email, video). With so many options, how do we get our messages to consumers?

Value in Company Slogans

Other than creating the brand’s name, the development of tagline might be marketer’s most important task.

Stick with Your Marketing Business Plan

Sometimes the right thing to do is to do nothing, and that takes discipline. In marketing, as in investing, sometimes the right thing to do is to do nothing.

Tips for Focused Marketing Strategies

No matter how great the tactics, you can’t win without the right strategy.

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