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By Dick Maggiore and Mark Vandegrift

Tagged with: Marketing

2016 Election Competitive Positioning Strategy

The better candidate doesn’t always win. Candidates with the better competitive positioning strategy do. Voters need to feel an emotional connection. Trump vs. ClintonWe just couldn’t help ourselves.

Marketing Brand Name Value

From a marketing standpoint, the most important decision you can make is what to name your product or service. The right choice brings significant brand name value.

Four Questions for Principles of Marketing

With more than 40 years invested in developing advertising campaigns in all sizes and dimensions, we have learned that regardless of the company or product, the foundation for the work…

New Packaging and Brand Position

The Skinny on Diet Pepsi's New Can After nearly two years of marketing dormancy, Diet Pepsi is introducing a new package for the brand -- the skinny can -- to reacquaint…

Roles of a Positioning Consultant

There was a time when advertising and PR agencies not only wanted to be marketing partners with their clients, but they actually were.

Blogs and Corporate Positioning Strategy

Are blogs dead? Certainly they are no longer mentioned as a marketing panacea as they were at the turn of the millennium, but to call them dead would be far…

Bettering ROI and Brand Perceptions

Many marketers misunderstand marketing. They think marketing is a battle of products, not brand perceptions. Let the better product win is the adage.

Poor Domino's Positioning

Let me see if I have this right: A major brand is spending lots and lots of money telling us that for years and years its product has always been lousy. Until now, that is...

Trout Inspires Cleveland Positioning Idea

Cleveland's political corruption escapades are just the latest in a series of events that have shaken our confidence and damaged our national reputation...

Marketing Message for Positioning Online

A little history: when the world wide web first appeared on the scene, companies had no idea what to make of it. Positioning online was not a thing.

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