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By Dick Maggiore and Mark Vandegrift

Digital Media and Marketing

2018 Commercials Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl advertisers are known for using Trojan horse strategy to slip their ad messages inside our gated minds. The strategy relies on creating commercials so entertaining and popular, culturally or socially relevant, silly or sentimental that viewers actually want to pay attention...

Preparing for 2018 Super Bowl Advertising

In Super Bowl advertising, it might be the year of the familiar — familiar advertisers, familiar celebrities, familiar teasers, familiar promotional stunts and humor. Familiar is not all bad.

Entertain and Inform for Effective Advertising

Every ad person wrestles with the conundrum whether effective advertising should focus more on entertaining or more on informing.

Personalization in AI-Powered Marketing

AI-powered marketing is a buzz term in most of the online marketing pubs we read.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Marketing

Few would argue the impact of the wheel, the printing press, steam and gasoline engines, the telephone, electricity and the light bulb, nuclear power, the airplane, penicillin, the computer and…

Storytelling PR and Digital Marketing



Categories in Marketing Communication Strategy

It starts with the category. That’s the way our brains work. We think category first, then brand. A very contagious disease is spreading rapidly across the globe: infobesity.

Causes of Creative Thinking in Marketing

‘Creatives’ conjure the words, pictures and sounds that drive advertising messages into our minds. Creative thinking in marketing is what helps drive results. Creative.

Numbers 11-16 Immutable Laws of Marketing

Jack Trout and Al Ries inspired a generation of advertising and marketing executives and creative directors when they published “The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing,” and for good reason.

Numbers 5-10 Marketing Strategy and Laws

In science and society, laws come together in systems to lend order, guide actions and produce results or outcomes.

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