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By Dick Maggiore and Mark Vandegrift

Digital Media and Marketing

Numbers 1-4 Marketing Laws

Wouldn’t it be great if there were truly immutable marketing laws to help us with marketing our products and services? There are laws in nature.

Integration Answers Digital vs. Traditional Marketing

With so many media options, it’s difficult to know where to spend ad dollars with a comprehensive plan. Digital vs. traditional marketing decisions face us daily.

Years Past Super Bowl Marketing Strategy

If success were easy, history would not be filled with numerous flops from advertisers. Not always are ads built on strong Super Bowl marketing strategy.

Stakes and Cost of Super Bowl Ads



The foundation for a brand’s position is that it can only stand for one thing, but there are gray areas. For example, does the Heinz brand stand for the idea of “condiments?” If so, they can extend their line from ketchup to mustard, and even mayonnaise...

Value in Company Slogans

Other than creating the brand’s name, the development of tagline might be marketer’s most important task.

Tips for Focused Marketing Strategies

No matter how great the tactics, you can’t win without the right strategy.

Four Questions for Principles of Marketing

With more than 40 years invested in developing advertising campaigns in all sizes and dimensions, we have learned that regardless of the company or product, the foundation for the work…

Why Trust the Cloud Marketing Strategy

For years, you’ve heard the term “the cloud. ” Some people trust it. But many don’t. Small- and mid-size business owners are often skeptical of the cloud.

Brian Williams' Lie Crisis PR

There is a story behind the story in the Brian Williams false-reporting scandal. Crisis PR has played a role.

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