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By Dick Maggiore and Mark Vandegrift

Digital Media and Marketing

Test New Media Advertising

"We need to do social media!" exclaimed the CEO.

Google Instant Search Engine Positioning

On Sept. 8, Google announced its new search functionality: Google Instant. This new search feature only works when a user is logged into a Google account.

Tactics to Improve Google Page Listing

With the velocity we face in the digital age, a review of what we "know" reveals that it doesn't take a year for that knowledge to become outdated.

Discovery Using Google Hot Trends

Many of you may have recently asked me about some of the widgets and apps that track the hottest searches on the web over the past hour or day. These little snapshots of web activity are beyond interesting - they give us a tremendous glimpse at the psychology of the U.S. consumer...

Online and Search Engines for PR 2.0

The world of news releases and public relations is in the midst of a major transformation, the likes of which PR and journalism have never experienced. Change scares people.

Increased Visibility with Keyphrase Research

Search engine marketing, or as it's frequently called, SEM, is a term referring to any marketing strategy designed to increase website visibility among search engine results in order to increase…

Requirements for Viral Video Marketing

By now, you and nearly the entire world has had the opportunity to see and hear about the viral video for Susan Boyle, the dowdy-looking Scottish woman who appeared as…

Top Ten Online Marketing Mistakes

At Search Engine Strategies Conference in New York, I shared experiences with search marketers from around the world. We love sharing our successes.

Barack Obama's Full-Tech New Media Fundraising

The story of Obama's success is very much a story about new media fundraising.

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