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By Dick Maggiore and Mark Vandegrift

Lorraine Kessler


Identifying Establishing Brand Positioning Innis Maggiore

It’s been 42 years since Al Ries and Jack Trout published their definitive marketing book, “Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind.

2019 Super Bowl Ads

The Patriots, keepers of the Empire, struck back Sunday, marking the sixth win for the oldest coach and oldest quarterback ever to win a Super Bowl. The game was eked out in slow, lethargic doses with only a few flashes of offense to break the comatose. The 2019 Super Bowl ads also were defensive...

2018 Commercials Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl advertisers are known for using Trojan horse strategy to slip their ad messages inside our gated minds. The strategy relies on creating commercials so entertaining and popular, culturally or socially relevant, silly or sentimental that viewers actually want to pay attention...

Culturalism Super Bowl Positioning

By Lorraine Kessler, Principal | Strategy & Client Service The Super Bowl is over. Maybe one of the best games ever.

Budweiser Super Bowl Positioning Ad

Our pick for best positioning ad for Big Game 50 is Budweiser - America's #1 full-flavored lager, 140 years and going strong with no apologies.

HP Botched Brand Positioning

Ever since the second Republican debate, Trump has railed on rival Carly Fiorina, claiming "The Compaq computer deal," made when Fiorina was CEO of HP, "was one of the worst…

Review of 2015 Super Bowl Branding

There were no inflated expectations as far as the game went on Super Bowl Sunday. Deflated Seattle fans notwithstanding, the game delivered.

Value in Risking for Super Bowl Ads

Eighty percent of Super Bowl ads don't sell. That's according to a new study by the research firm Communicus.

Review of 2013 Super Bowl Ads

Despite Super Bowl XLVII's historic 35-minute third-quarter blackout, the Big Show of Super Bowl advertising, what actor Bob Odenkirk's character in the Samsung Galaxy ad calls "El Plato Supremo!" went…

Repositioning and Brand Relevance

Building a strong brand is not easy. Few do it. It takes the right strategy for differentiation plus factors of focus and commitment as measured by time and money.

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