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By Dick Maggiore and Mark Vandegrift

Tagged with: Brand Differentiation

Seven Areas for Durable Competitive Advantage

Warren Buffet, the “Oracle of Omaha” and arguably one of the greatest investors of all time, is a man whose perspective is widely respected across a variety of business disciplines.

Word Repositioning

Can words have a position? And, if so, can their positioning change over time? That is, can repositioning be achieved? At Innis Maggiore, we know that the most powerful concept in marketing is to own a word. Take a word such as "prestige," as owned by Mercedes-Benz, or "overnight" and "safety," by FedEx and Volvo, respectively. Each word carries meaning, and the positioning (the twin to repositioning) supplied by that word creates meaning for the brand...

Not Economics, but Brand Differentiation

With a highly-publicized election right around the corner, a lot of debate seems to revolve around the economy .

Roles of a Positioning Consultant

There was a time when advertising and PR agencies not only wanted to be marketing partners with their clients, but they actually were.

Starbucks Unique Brands

An article in the the Columbus Dispatch touted that Starbucks was taking cues from its cheaper rivals. That they were seeking part of the 'value' pie.