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By Dick Maggiore and Mark Vandegrift

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Product Brand Category Selling

The numbers are mind boggling. Our amazing brains are wired with 100 billion cells, which researchers have found on average send signals 10 times per second.

Businesses Building an Economic Moat



Johnsonville Positioning Slogan

Wisconsin-based privately held Johnsonville Sausage is a positioning winner. What does Johnsonville stand for? Sausage. What kind of sausage? All kinds.

Mobile Strategies Position Marketing

The merits of mobile strategies to enhance a brand's position marketing have come more into focus these days.

New Packaging and Brand Position

The Skinny on Diet Pepsi's New Can After nearly two years of marketing dormancy, Diet Pepsi is introducing a new package for the brand -- the skinny can -- to reacquaint…

Harley Davidson Lasting Brand Position Lesson

Ad agency Carmichael Lynch's most recent campaign for Harley Davidson featured the rebel slogan, "Screw it. Let's ride.

GuideStone and Living Your Brand Position

What I Learned On My 800-Mile Trek Across Texas Interviewing 85-Year-Old Widows If you're a regular reader of PositionistView, you're well aware of our brand position philosophy -- employing a differentiating…

LeBron Brand Meaning

It was 9:27 p. m.

Three Stages of Your Marketing Position

By now, if you've been reading PositionistView, you're well-versed in what a marketing position is, and how it can greatly affect the strength of your brand.