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By Dick Maggiore and Mark Vandegrift

Tagged with: Strategy

The Buying Decision Moment of Aperture

Consider this the abbreviated version of the buying cycle: a shopper wants things, even things she doesn't know she wants, and she seeks these things out or they seek her…

Discovery Using Google Hot Trends

Many of you may have recently asked me about some of the widgets and apps that track the hottest searches on the web over the past hour or day. These little snapshots of web activity are beyond interesting - they give us a tremendous glimpse at the psychology of the U.S. consumer...

Online and Search Engines for PR 2.0

The world of news releases and public relations is in the midst of a major transformation, the likes of which PR and journalism have never experienced. Change scares people.

Trout Inspires Cleveland Positioning Idea

Cleveland's political corruption escapades are just the latest in a series of events that have shaken our confidence and damaged our national reputation...

Increased Visibility with Keyphrase Research

Search engine marketing, or as it's frequently called, SEM, is a term referring to any marketing strategy designed to increase website visibility among search engine results in order to increase…

Positioning and Search Engine Optimization

One of the principles of positioning is that there is a specific universe who cares about your difference.

Impact of Colors in Branding

Or, does your brand positioning affect the colors you choose to represent it? The answer should be a resolute "yes" to both questions! Can you imagine drinking a bottle of…

Part 1 Positioning Answers from Jack Trout

During Innis Maggiore's "Breakfast With Jack Trout" event, you heard Jack Trout on positioning, repositioning, and The Five Tests of Obviousness.

Thoughts on Implementing Social Media Advertising

Google "social media advertising" and you will get all sorts of opinions on whether advertising in social media makes sense.

Three Stages of Your Marketing Position

By now, if you've been reading PositionistView, you're well-versed in what a marketing position is, and how it can greatly affect the strength of your brand.

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