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By Dick Maggiore and Mark Vandegrift

Tagged with: Strategy

Part 2 Answers from Jack Trout on Positioning

During Innis Maggiore's "Breakfast With Jack Trout" event, you heard Jack Trout on positioning, repositioning, and The Five Tests of Obviousness.

How to Join the Social Media Conversation

The most popular question we are asked on the topic of social media is how to join the conversation.

Clever Differentiated Messaging Strategy

It's a messaging strategy debate that rages wherever writers write or designers design.

Marketing Message for Positioning Online

A little history: when the world wide web first appeared on the scene, companies had no idea what to make of it. Positioning online was not a thing.

Monitoring and Commenting Participation in Social Media

In the first two installments on planning social media, Innis Maggiore provided perspective and specific categories and examples that define the social media space.

Jack Trout Event Five Tests of Obviousness

At Innis Maggiore's "Breakfast with Jack Trout" event, Jack Trout spoke of "The Five Tests of Obviousness." He wrote more about these tests in his latest book, In Search of the Obvious...

Requirements for Viral Video Marketing

By now, you and nearly the entire world has had the opportunity to see and hear about the viral video for Susan Boyle, the dowdy-looking Scottish woman who appeared as…

Negatively Repositioning the Competition

Click here to play video. "Repositioning" in a Time of Competition, Crisis, and Change On April 29, nearly five hundred business and marketing executives gathered at the John S.

Using Repositioning for Change Communication

Click here to play video. (Or use this YouTube link.

Application of Repositioning for Crisis Communication

Click here to play video.

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