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By Dick Maggiore and Mark Vandegrift


Pepsi No Longer #2

If you’re familiar with the term “Cola Wars,” you’re young enough to know that it has always been and was always supposed to be: Coke v. Pepsi.

Designing a New Category

Want to dominate a business category? There’s only one sure way to do it: create a NEW category.

McDonalds Krispy Kreme Cross Promotion Strategy

How sweet is the McDonald’s/Krispy Kreme cross-promotion strategy? Lots of people like McDonald’s. Lots of people like Krispy Kreme.

UID2 Third-Party Cookie

Google twice delayed the demise of the third-party cookie, the means by which all advertisers were able to track and analyze their marketing performance.

Bud Light's Culture in Advertising PositionistView

Don’t be like Bud Light — unless you have a billion to spare! What would you do if you woke up to find out that you’ve lost over a billion dollars?…

Challenger Brand Advertising Poppi vs Coke Pepsi

There have always been brands like McDonalds, Nike, and Amazon, that dominate the headspace of consumers. Despite massive control of their respective markets, this shield isn’t entirely impenetrable.

Discover the Benefits of Working With a CTV Advertising Agency

For years, the promise of Connected TV’s (CTV) rise to prominence was predicted. Today, there’s no more prediction, just reality.

55 Years Later: Revisiting Jack Trout's Article on Positioning

If you haven’t read Jack Trout’s original article on positioning, you can read it here.

2024 Super Bowl Ads Winners and Losers

If you read our “How to Critique Super Bowl Commercials” PositionistView article last week, you know we have a fairly critical eye when judging the commercials.

How to Critique Super Bowl Commercials

Every year, friends and family ask me if I watch Super Bowl commercials differently because I’m in the ad business.

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