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Sharpen your focus for marketing magnificence

Sharpen your focus for marketing magnificence

Smart marketers recognize they become stronger when they focus and reduce the scope of their activities...


Want to be like Buffet and Socrates Read

Want to be like Buffet and Socrates? Read!

How can you take your business to the next level? Some of the greatest intellectuals of all time believed reading is key to business growth. While there are thousands for readers to choose from, Dick Maggiore pinpoints the seven best business books of all time...

Demings gift to marketers Test. Optimize. Repeat.

Deming’s gift to marketers: Test. Optimize. Repeat.

William Edwards Deming is credited with launching the Total Quality Management movement that is the groundwork for our modern emphasis on efficient and effective manufacturing...

The Magnificent Seven Best marketing books ever

The Magnificent Seven: Best marketing books ever

If you want to get better and better at running your business, you would do well to read a few of the best marketing books of all time...

Weve crossed the creepy line

We've crossed the 'creepy' line

Have Google and Facebook crossed the creepy line? Former Google Chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt once said, "There's what I call the creepy line, and the Google policy about a lot of these things is to get right up to the creepy line but not cross it. I would argue that implanting things in your brain is beyond the creepy line … at least for the moment."...

Effective email marketing requires planning

Effective email marketing requires planning

Effective email marketing campaigns planned and delivered to a targeted audience at the right time can provide the highest return on investment of any digital marketing channel — by twice, if not more. It’s no wonder. At the office, the average person checks his or her email 15 times per day and stays on about one-third of the time...

Content marketing lifts brands engages customers

'Content marketing' lifts brands, engages customers

Bed Bath & Beyond, IBM, Goldman Sachs, Taco Bell, GoPro and Twitter all have at least two things in common. Each understands the need to win online, and each has an award-winning content marketing strategy. Content marketing has moved to the front of the pack and has become a core marketing tactic designed to generate leads, creating an inbound sales machine...

Find your business marketing Holy Grail

Find your business’ marketing Holy Grail

In the Christian tradition, the vessel Jesus and his disciples used to drink wine at the Last Supper is called the Holy Grail. Through the centuries, the Holy Grail has come to be known as something very special and highly sought for its miraculous powers...

Artificial intelligence and marketing the next big thing

Artificial intelligence and marketing, the next big thing

Few would argue the impact of the wheel, the printing press, steam and gasoline engines, the telephone, electricity and the light bulb, nuclear power, the airplane, penicillin, the computer and the internet...

Creative Thinking in Marketing Reaching brains through sweaty palms

Creative Thinking in Marketing: Reaching brains through sweaty palms

‘Creatives’ conjure the words, pictures and sounds that drive advertising messages into our minds. Creative thinking in marketing is what helps drive results...

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