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By Dick Maggiore and Mark Vandegrift

Tagged with: Competition

Competitive Positioning and Papa John's

Papa John’s had brand positioning, but didn’t know it until a chance conversation. Positioning and Papa Johns go way back...

Guidelines for Competitive Positioning

We live in a world where everyone is after everyone's business. And it's a world in which, if you lose your business, you never get it back.

Positioning and Repositioning

Positioning has become the most powerful concept in marketing.   Positioning has a twin concept that has received little attention.

The Buying Decision Moment of Aperture

Consider this the abbreviated version of the buying cycle: a shopper wants things, even things she doesn't know she wants, and she seeks these things out or they seek her…

Negatively Repositioning the Competition

Click here to play video. "Repositioning" in a Time of Competition, Crisis, and Change On April 29, nearly five hundred business and marketing executives gathered at the John S.

Using Repositioning for Change Communication

Click here to play video. (Or use this YouTube link.

Application of Repositioning for Crisis Communication

Click here to play video.

Narrowed Marketing Focus

Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of business.

Challenging the Alternative through Repositioning

The best brand positions are said to "reposition" the competition. For every season of life and renewal, there is a shadow season of dormancy and death.

Starbucks Unique Brands

An article in the the Columbus Dispatch touted that Starbucks was taking cues from its cheaper rivals. That they were seeking part of the 'value' pie.

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