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Were All Suffering from Infobesity Differentiation strategy key

We’re All Suffering from ‘Infobesity’: Differentiation strategy key

In an era of information overload, brand differentiation strategy becomes more important than ever...

Thinking about advertising budgets Think like Henry Ford

Thinking about advertising budgets? Think like Henry Ford

Ad agency people frequently hear the question, “How much money should we spend on marketing?” The question is pretty basic, but the answer is not a simple sum or percentage. Advertising budgets are challenging.

Tendency to tinker your marketing business plan often too tempting

Tendency to tinker your marketing business plan often too tempting

Doing nothing is a decision. It takes discipline to do nothing, especially when our world spins faster and faster. We can all agree ours is a pretty complicated world. The temptation is to think there must be something more, something different, something else to try to put us at a competitive advantage...

Johnson Controls Pro Football Hall of Fame Village deal is brand building genius

Johnson Controls-Pro Football Hall of Fame Village deal is brand-building genius

Johnson Controls and our Pro Football Hall of Fame are now partners for at least 18 years in the ambitious $600 million Hall of Fame Village, thanks to a naming rights deal they announced Nov. 18 that will deliver more than $100 million to the Village...

Combat strategies win wars and help gain competitive advantage in business

Combat strategies win wars and help gain competitive advantage in business

Business marketers must know how to play offense and defense, and when it’s best to flank foes. Combat strategies win wars and help gain a competitive advantage in business...

Its Not the Economy. Its Brand Differentiation

It's Not the Economy. It's Brand Differentiation.

With a highly-publicized election right around the corner, a lot of debate seems to revolve around the economy . both sides blaming each other for high unemployment, taxes, national debt, and a volatile stock market. But, even when the recession was at its lowest point, I recall driving down "restaurant row" in our local area and seeing many of the eateries packed nearly every night. So, which is to blame - the economy or brand differentiation? ...

The Moment of Aperture Meets the Transaction

The Moment Of Aperture Meets The Transaction

Consider this the abbreviated version of the buying cycle: a shopper wants things, even things she doesn't know she wants, and she seeks these things out or they seek her out as she goes about her daily life. In the marketing continuum, there is a point at which she goes from wanting to acquiring, whether by force or by fare. That brief point in time is known as the moment of aperture...

The Key to Failure Hyper Commoditization

The Key To Failure: Hyper-Commoditization

Rite Aid. General Motors. Krispy Kreme. Sbarro. Dollar Thrifty. Trump Entertainment. What do these brands have common? They're all expected to go under this year. What is behind this failure?...

Ford Finds Success Marketing in a Down Economy

Ford Finds Success Marketing In A Down Economy

Who said marketing in a down economy was tough? Despite being in a down economy, Ford Motor Co. enjoyed four consecutive months of growing market share through January 2009. Some of Ford's recent success marketing in a down economy may be attributable to its promotional efforts emphasizing branding and the fact that it eschewed federal financial assistance to stay afloat...

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